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Online 30.11.2021

Nordic - London Sustainable City Collaboration

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Ms. Janna Mure
Senior Advisor
Business Finland UK
janna.mure (at)

Business Finland organises in collaboration with Business Sweden, Innovation Norway, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of Denmark the joint webinar "The Nordic | London Sustainable City Collaboration" which aims to explore how Nordic countries, with leading companies and cities in the area of sustainability, can support London in combatting climate change.

There are three thematic areas that will be highlighted by the Nordic offering and knowhow.

  • Circular economy & waste management: The theme will include discussions around waste management and how to create a sustainable circular city
  • Urban mobility: The theme will focus on how to support sustainable urban mobility for people in the city through a focus on the EV transition
  • Integrated planning: On a more holistic level, this theme will explore the infrastructure required to deliver a sustainable city, with a focus on District Heating

The workshop will take place on 30 November, 2021.