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Online 30.11.2021

Roundtable discussion series on Swedish smart buildings event 2: Smart and energy-efficient buildings in Sweden

The registration will open on 9 November, 2021 at 10:00 (EET Helsinki)


Further information

Ms. Taru Suojaranta, Advisor, Business Finland Sweden
+46 732 616 202, taru.suojaranta (at)

Is you company interested in business opportunities for smart and energy-efficient buildings in Sweden? Are you looking for new contacts and potential clients in our neighboring market? If so, these events are the right match for you.

The Swedish population is growing rapidly, and this puts pressure on both the housing sector as well as commercial and public services. While a lot of the housing built in the early 70’s are in a need of refurbishment and retrofit, there are also multiple new city area projects popping up around the country with new public services. Simultaneously, the strengthened economic situation after the pandemic will also flow investments to commercial building projects.

Business Finland in Sweden is organizing two online events, each with a specific focus within the smart building sector, in November. These events will provide you with insights on the Swedish market as well as a chance to discuss with Swedish experts.

Both of the online events are divided in two parts; first, a webinar which is open to all interested Finnish companies, followed by roundtable discussions in smaller groups with Swedish stakeholders. The roundtable discussions have limited number of places which will be reserved on a first come – first served basis (only one representative per company).

Event 2: Smart and energy-efficient buildings in Sweden
November 30, 15:00-16:45 EET

It is no news that the smarter and more energy-efficient buildings are important for both tenants as well as building owners. During this online event, Finnish companies will hear about the Swedish RRF mechanism and its impact on energy-efficient buildings as well as get the opportunity to discuss with Swedish building owners about their needs and the future trends in this sector. Before the event, the companies can also attend a short preparation event to hear more about the participating companies.
The event is organized together with Aktea Energy.

15:00-15:05        Welcome remarks
15:05-15:45        RRF in Sweden and keynote
15:45-16:00        Presentation of the Swedish participants
16:00-16:45        Roundtable discussion in smaller groups

Event 1: Indoor air quality market in Sweden