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Online 14.10.2021

Team Finland online visit to Japan for healthcare companies

Participation is free of charge, however, requires a registration by  September 14, 2021 via the link above.



Further information


Ms. Meria Heikelä
Director, Health
Business Finland, London (-2h)
+44 778 715 3014


Mr. Masahiro Kimura
Senior Advisor
Business Finland, Tokyo (+6h)
+81 3 6432 5272


Ms. Ryoko Suzuki
Junior Advisor
Business Finland, Tokyo (+6h)
+81 80 7725 6624


Ms. Hanna Valkonen
Project Manager, Delegations
+358 41 533 7274

We invite you to join Team Finland online visit to Japan on October 14, 2021 to establish business connections in the Japanese market.

Japan, with a population of 120 million people, is the 3rd largest healthcare market in the world (e.g. medical expenditures are around 11% of GDP). The country’s hyper-ageing population drives the growth of the healthcare sector, which is expected to grow 4% annually, and the novel population structure will require innovative solutions.

The digitalization of Japan’s healthcare sector is very much behind other OECD countries. For example, use of electronic medical records is only around 30-40% in Japan compared to nearly 100% in Finland and the Nordics.

There is a growing interest, both from the private and public sector, for new digital solutions – particularly from Nordic innovations due to their reputation as leaders in digital health. Japanese firms are also interested in complimentary diagnostics that add value to their core offering. This is a great opportunity for Finnish healthcare companies to establish business connections in the Japanese market.

 Who should participate?

The Team Finland online visit to Japan will bring together Finland-based companies willing to explore the afore mentioned opportunities and work together with the Japanese Healthcare & Wellbeing industry.

  • Special focus is on companies providing e.g:
  • Digital & AI related solutions for Health and Care services
  • Digital solutions, Remote care and e.g. Smart Home sector companies
  • Senior-tech and related service providers and biotech etc related solutions

Main discussion topics during the visit will include products/technologies of digital and sensor platform of medical service, senior innovations, AI and innovations of the pharmaceutical/ Biotech industry, new innovative proposals in preventive healthcare and advanced disease diagnostic systems.


Participation is free of charge, however, requires a registration by September 14, 2021 via the link on the left.

The preliminary program includes an on-site seminar that will be recorded for participants located in Finland and online business matchmaking.

Kindly note that there is a limited number of online matchmaking slots (8), and the meetings will be allocated on first come first served basis.

The visit is organized as a hybrid event and those participants who are in Japan at the time of the event are also welcome to join the event on-site. Business Finland staff will contact you for further instructions after registration.

Address of the venue:
Pacifico Yokohama (Harbour lounge B)
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku,
Yokohama 220-0012, Japan