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Online 4.6.2021

Trends in the Latvian healthcare

The webinar is free of charge but requires a registration. The participation link to the webinar will be sent to the registered participants closer to the event.


Ms. Jenna Ryhänen, Embassy of Finland, Riga
jenna.ryhanen (at)

Ms. Hanna-Leena Harma, Business Finland
hanna-leena.harma (at)

Welcome to the “Trends in the Latvian healthcare – digital solutions and modernization to enhance quality and accessibility" webinar on June 4, 2021 at 14:00-15:30 organized by the Embassy of Finland, Riga together with Business Finland and the Ministry of Health of Latvia.

Already before the COVID-19 pandemic, Latvia has been working hard to invest more in its healthcare system.  For example, a multi-year hospital modernization program is in place and further work is ongoing on a major reform of the national healthcare system. In addition to these, Latvia is planning to commit a big part of its resources from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility on healthcare. Innovative digital solutions will play a big role in all of these endeavors.

The webinar in June is a follow-up event to activities organized in 2019; seminar in Riga and delegation visit to Finland. The event is an excellent opportunity to match Latvia’s needs and plans with the best solutions from Finland. The webinar brings together experts, opinion leaders and representatives of hospitals and companies to exchange ideas in view of possible future cooperation.


Who should attend

  • companies providing expertise of hospital design and construction
  • companies producing products particularly designed for hospital use; furniture and appliances
  • companies with innovative digital solutions ranging from infection control and robotics to digitalization of healthcare pathways.


Team Finland will make a summary of all participating Finnish companies, which will be shared with the Latvian entities. If you want your company details to be shared, please indicate this when registering and update/fill in our company info in the Finnish suppliers database website latest on June 1.

Team Finland is also planning to organize matchmaking meetings for Finnish companies with Latvian hospitals after the webinar. If your company is interested in matchmaking with the Latvian stakeholders, please indicate also this in the registration form.

The webinar is free of charge but requires pre-registration. The participation link to the webinar will be sent to the registered participants closer to the event.