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Online 26.4.2022

Colombia’s energy and circular economy sectors' business opportunities for Finnish companies

At 16 - 17.30 EEST

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration through the link below.

register by 25 April

Further information

Mr. Rick Dellemann
Consultant in Colombia
rick.dellemann (at)
(+57) 300 7818 295

Colombia has launched the Energy Plan 2050 in 2016. Its aim is to diversify Colombia’s energy sector and ensure a reliable energy supply. Colombia was the first country in Latin America to adopt a National Circular Economy Strategy. Green Growth Policy and roadmap for 2030 and the 2018-2022 National Development Plan (NDP) ‘Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity’ were published to foster a circular economy model based on durability, reusability, reparability, and recyclability. Which kinds of business opportunities the developments in energy and circular sector would offer Finnish companies? Join us and learn more.

The webinar is co-organized by the Embassy of Finland to Colombia, the Embassy of Colombia to Finland, Business Finland and Finnish-Latin American Business Council.

The event is moderated by Ms. Kirsi Seppäläinen, Chair, Finnish Latin American Business Council.


Welcome words
H.E. Ms Adriana del Rosario Mendoza Agudelo and
H.E. Mr. Antti Kaski

The Colombian business environment & business culture, overview of the Colombian energy sector (Procolombia)

Doing business in the Colombian energy sector (Wärtsilä)

Success case: Merus Power in Colombia (Merus Power)

Q&A on the Colombian energy sector

The Colombian circular economy sector (ANDI)

Q&A on the Colombian circular economy sector

Team Finland support to Finnish companies and closure
Ms. Heidi Virta, Senior Director, Head of Latin America, Business Finland