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online 12.4.2022

Marketplace, Matchmaking, Marketing: How to leverage the power of B2B consumer platforms

The event is free of charge, however, requires registration via the link below.



Ms. Helmi-Nelli Körkkö
Senior Advisor, Business Finland Germany
E-mail: helmi-nelli.korkko (at)

Ms. Lili Lehtovuori
Senior Advisor, Business Finland, Austria & Food from Finland
E-mail: lili.lehtovuori (at)

Ms. Oonagh Allas-Murphy
Advisor, Business Finland France
E-mail: oonagh.allas-murphy (at)

Ms. Roosa Korkala
Advisor, Business Finland UK
E-mail: roosa.korkala (at)

Ms. Vilma Rissanen
Advisor, Business Finland Sweden
E-mail: vilma.rissanen (at)

Online B2B marketplaces and platforms connecting consumer brands with potential buyers and retailers are growing rapidly. With the help of these B2B marketplaces and platforms, companies can directly reach out to and create contacts with buyers from large European retail chains to hundreds of thousands of independent retail shops across Europe.

We welcome you to join a series of webinars presenting different B2B marketplaces and platforms that connect consumer brands from various categories with potential buyers and retailers across Europe. Each webinar will present a different platform and each time a Finnish company will share their experiences from the platform in question. See information about dates and specific target groups for each platform and webinar below.

A separate invitation will be sent to each webinar.

An opportunity for 1-2-1 discussions with the platform representatives after the webinars will be offered. Pre-registration for 1-2-1 discussions is required as the number of available slots is limited.

The webinar series is arranged in collaboration with Food from Finland and Experience Commerce programs. The event and the 1-2-1 discussions are reserved for Finnish companies only.

Webinar schedule

  • ECRM: Tuesday 12 April, 2022 at 10:00-11:30 (EET Helsinki)
    Target group: foodservice, food & beverage, health & beauty care and pharmacy & medical companies

ECRM webinar program 10:00-11:30 (EET Helsinki)

  • Welcoming words
  • Platform presentation
  • Experiences from the platform by a Finnish company
  • Q&A and wrap-up


  • 11:00 onwards 1-2-1 online meetings with the marketplace representatives (limited number of places)*

*If we receive more requests for 1-2-1 discussions than places available, the platforms will select which companies they are going to meet. We will confirm the 1-2-1 discussions at the latest two days before the webinar.

More information about the marketplace and platform

ECRM: Getting a new product on the shelves at well-known chain stores or into restaurant menus is incredibly hard for brands. For buyers, finding unique and innovative products is equally difficult. ECRM Programs are the bridge between these two worlds. The programs are designed to facilitate B2B commerce by connecting the right buyers with the right sellers during category specific programs. These programs consist of a series of hand-curated, pre-qualified, one-on-one meetings where sellers are strategically paired with buyers based on aligned categories and capabilities. We do the sourcing and scheduling so you can do the selling.