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Online 24.3.2022

Nuclear industry in Japan and business opportunities for Finnish companies

At 9:00 - 10:30 on Teams platform

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.


Further information

Mr. Petri Laulajainen
Senior Advisor, Energy
Advice Services, Global Growth
petri.laulajainen (at)


Ms. Tiina Luoma
Project Manager, Delegations, Business Finland
tiina.luoma (at)

Japan will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. To realize a carbon-neutral, decarbonized society, government issued the Green Growth Strategy in December 2020, where it sets the de-carbonization of the energy sector as a basic premise for the target. In addition to renewables, the government regards nuclear as the established de-carbonization technology and continues to make maximum use of nuclear by paying more attention to the safety, with consideration for reducing its dependency in the energy mix as much as possible.

Finland and Japan have the same kind of energy mix target for the carbon neutrality. While maintaining nuclear power as one of the base loads, development of effective ways of adopting renewable energy resources has become the common urgent tasks. In addition, the decommissioning of the existing reactors shall be taken into consideration after their lifetime, beside the energy transition for the decarbonization.

Finland has been working on the above-mentioned tasks and accumulated experience in the use of renewable energy, decommissioning of old nuclear power plants as well as final repository of the radioactive wastes. This is a momentum for finnish companies to seek cooperation with Japanese stakeholders in many different aspects from R&D, concept design, system development, consensus making, and social implementation.


Opening words
H.E. the Ambassador of Finland to Japan, Mr. Pekka Orpana

FinNuclear introduction: Introduction of FinNuclear and planned activities 2022
Ms. Jekaterina Lavonen, FinNuclear

Team Finland Japan activity plan 2022: Japan’s energy policy, Nuclear Industry overview and business demand, actions for customer needs identification
Ms. Niina Väisänen, Embassy of Finland Tokyo and Mr. Koichi Tanaka, Business Finland Tokyo

Japanese Nuclear Industry: Japanese Nuclear Industry, its tasks, challenges and business opportunities
Mr. Akira Kondo, CEO Advisory Company Co., LTD.(ADCO)
Ph.D Osamu Sato, Advisor, ADCO
Ph. D Daniel K. Walter, Advisor, ADCO


Closing Remarks