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Madrid 20.-23.3.2022

Team Finland visit to Spain

Register for the visit by 10 February, 2022 via the link below. 


Further information

Ms. Daria Mashkina
Senior Advisor, Business Finland, Madrid
+34 603 645 130
daria.mashkina (at)

Mr. Guillermo Solano
Advisor, Business Finland, Madrid
+34 667 869 645
guillermo.solano (at)

Ms. Anna-Stina Sandfors
Project Manager, Delegations
+358 50 5724 392
anna-stina.sandfors (at)

Team Finland is organizing a business delegation visit to the Kingdom of Spain, Madrid on 20-23 March, 2022. The visit is led by Mr. Ville Skinnari, Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

Finland and Spain are building a stronger partnership in the sectors of Digitalization and Green Economy. Spain is one of the largest recipients of Next Generation EU recovery funds. It will account for 70 EUR billion in direct payments between 2021 and 2023. The country is investing particularly in the green transition (40% of investment) and digitalization (30%). The state budget for 2022 includes 27 billion EUR in EU recovery funding and a total of a record 40 billion EUR in public investment. In 2022 Spain plans to spend about 20% of its recovery funds on industry and energy, including Energy Efficiency, Hydrogen and Smart Mobility. Another 20% will be invested in digitalization and innovation, more specifically Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization of Public Administration and 5G deployment and research.

The visit will include an opportunity to pitch to Madrid Nuevo Norte, the largest urban regeneration scheme in Europe, a pioneering project with unprecedented social and institutional support that focuses on Sustainability and Innovation with the expected private investments around 25 billion EUR. Main topics include waste management, decarbonization, water treatment, smart city solutions.

Spain is a convenient platform to make business in the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, Middle East and especially Latin America. Spain is the country in Europe with the biggest amount of double taxation treaties and investment protection signed with Latin American countries.

Who should attend?

This visit is aimed for Finnish companies that are already present in Spain or actively pursuing Spain in their international development strategy, and representatives of the Finnish flagship solutions and technologies in Artificial Intelligence, e-Government and Smart Cities. We also welcome Finnish companies with highly innovative solutions within Waste Treatment, Decarbonization and Sustainable Building.

The delegation program in Madrid will consist of tailor-made b2b meetings with the respective Spanish companies, small-group meetings with the largest Spanish corporations and an opportunity to pitch directly to Madrid City public authorities.

Preliminary program

Participation fee

To cover the expenses of arranging the visit, Business Finland will charge a participation fee. The participation fee will be charged after the visit based on the actual costs.

  • Micro Businesses and SMEs: 1275 EUR + 24% VAT per person
  • Major Companies: 1700 EUR + 24% VAT per person

The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Kindly note that the participation fee does not include flights or accommodation of the participant nor meals outside the business delegation program.