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Online 15.2.2022

Trends and Opportunities on Brazilian Municipal and Industrial Water sectors

This online event will be held through Microsoft Teams platform in English.

Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.

The link to the event will be sent to the registered participants on 14 February, 2022.


Further information

Ms. Natalia Araujo
Business Finland, Brazil
natalia.araujo (at)

The municipal sector is expected to receive up to EUR 5 billion in investments along in 2022-23 with the goal of universalizing water & sanitation supply to reach 100% of population in Brazil by 2033. This is backed by a recent regulatory bill. Private operators play a major role in this new market framework, with substantial openness to innovation and an integrated approach to CAPEX and OPEX.

On the industrial front, the Pulp & Paper sector is going through a strong expansion cycle with new plants under construction and other plants are already announced to be built in the upcoming years. Increasing Sustainability concerns imply a growing demand for water & resource efficient processes to be incorporated in the new enterprises.

Regarding the Mining & Metals sector, environmental and safety concerns, and an increasing interest for solutions to a increment productivity set the pace for the implementation of innovation contexts and pilot projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about this promising market, tune in on 15 February, 2022 at 15:00 (EET Helsinki) to learn about key modernization trends and business opportunities from the top market players of the municipal sanitation, mining, and pulp & paper sectors. 



  • Brazilian market of Municipal and Industrial water
    Ms. Natalia Araujo, Advisor, Business Finland

  • Introduction to Finnish Water Forum network and the speakers of the event
    Dr. Antti Herlevi, Project Director, Finnish Water Forum

Investment and modernization trends on Brazilian Water & Sanitation sector
Cíntia Leal Marinho de Araujo, Director of Economic Regulation for Sanitation,
         ANA – National Water Agency

Business opportunities

  • Water & sanitation utilities market outlook and innovation opportunities
    Klaus Paz, Innovation Manager, Aegea Saneamento

  • Framework and trends of water use in the Pulp & Paper sector
    Paulo Cassim, Coordinator of the Environment Committee at ABTCP (Pulp & Paper Industry Association)

  • Water management challenges and opportunities in Brazilian mining sector
    Speaker TBC


Closing Remarks