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Helsinki 25.9.2019

Coaching day – Export of Organic food

Valve/Auditoriotila Tirra

Ludviginkatu 6, 00130 Helsinki


Registration to this event will close on 18th of September.


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Hanna-Kaisa Erkkilä

Senior Project Coordinator, Food from Finland

hanna-kaisa.erkkila (at)

The international market for organic food and beverages continues to grow quickly. The consumers that choose organic food are particular about their food, but also prepared to pay more. There are opportunities for all kinds of producers in this market, and Finnish products appear to have clear advantages.

Food From Finland together with Ruokavirasto invites you to a day of training and coaching, which will put you in a position to decide if and how to start selling your products on over seas markets. The organic coaching day is customized to small and medium-sized enterprises that have capacity to increase their organic volumes or need to find markets that offer better prices for their organic products.

The organic coaching day will be focusing near by opportunities in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. You will be provided with relevant market information and consumer demands, as well as what regulatory and voluntary requirements you will need to meet. You will be introduced to the distribution channels and market structures of each of these markets. You will also be introduced to the support available from Finnish authorities.

The second half of the day is dedicated to half hour one-to-one coaching where a senior consultant will assist a limited number of companies in assessing the opportunities and designing the first steps of an action plan to get started. If you are interested in individual coaching, simply indicate this in the registration form. Business Finland will organize the coaching sessions and we will provide details on exact time of your coaching ahead of the training day.

The organic training and coaching day is led by Mr Johan Cejie, founder of Moreganic Sourcing AB, which is a company that has specialized in supporting businesses in export and import of organic products.


9:00 Coffee and registration


09:30-12:30 Training session

  • Market overview and opportunities
    • The global organic market steadily grows at 10% per year or more. Overview of where the demand is strong and where it is all produced.
    • The EU market for organic products with a special focus on Denmark and Sweden, briefly covering opportunities in Germany and the Netherlands.
    • Know your customer: Target consumer groups and their basic drivers.
  • Legal issues and other requirements that you need to tick off
    • In general, trade with food is regulated, but not as tricky as you may think.
    • Organic mandatory regulations and voluntary standards you need to meet to get the full value of your product.
    • Introduction to market structure in Sweden and Denmark; key organic actors.
    • Opportunities in retail, food service and ingredients/commodities.
  • Ruokavirasto
    • What needs to be considered when starting to export organic food, certificates etc.
    • The support available from Ruokavirasto and other authorities.
  • From potential to business
    • Actions you need to take to get started with export
    • Trade shows that may be of interest
    • Support from government, consultancies, colleagues and others


12:30-13:30 Lunch break


13:30 -> Coaching (25 min per company)

  • One-to-one coaching, aiming to:
    • Assess your company’s potential to start working with export
    • Identify what first steps to take when getting ready to export organic food, to create an initial and feasible action plan
    • Provide response to outstanding issues, or advice on how to find these answers

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