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Webinar 9.10.2020

Boosting Export with Packaging Webinar 6: Multi-sensory packaging testing for maximising sales potential

Webinar 9:00-10:30

Q&A 10:30-11:00

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Mari Lappi-Kaipio

Project Manager, Boosting Export with Packaging

mari (at)

The programme is for companies who wish to expand their understanding on packaging and its role in food export. The coaching is in English and it is free of charge.

The program is carried out as a series of webinars, this webinar consist of keynote speeches and Q & A.

Webinar 9:00-10:30 and Q&A 10:30-11:00

Coaches: Eero Seppälä and Virpi Korhonen, Sense N Insight and Kari Solala, Makery

Pre assignment for all
Highlighting the most important research questions for package testing (link sent before the webinar)

Eero Seppälä: Eye tracking for assuring shelf visibility
Virpi Korhonen: Holistic concept testing for optimising packaging value
Kari Solala: Sensory testing for matching your packaging communication with product attributes
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Q & A: 10:30-11:00

Eero Seppälä, Marketing and Sales Sense N Insight, Vantaa, Finland

Eero has nearly 20 years´ experience in packaging business. He is specialized in packaging materials, printing and pre-press as well as packaging research.

He started his packaging related career by working for packaging material provider/converter. In this job he worked together with numerous international customers including brand owners, design agencies and packaging producers. During the years he got a lot of know-how from different kind of packaging techologies and packaging materials as well as package design related issues.

Later on he expanded his expertise by joining a company called Best Before UX Research Ltd, which is a part of leading Finnish package research concept called Sense N Insight.

Virpi Korhonen, Co-founder Sense N Insight, Vantaa, Finland

Virpi Korhonen is a researcher with 25 years of experience in research on consumer attitudes, preferences and perceptions of packaging materials and technologies. Her research topics have covered consumers’ packaging attitudes and perceptions, consumer acceptance of active and intelligent packaging technologies, the role of packaging in online grocery shopping, and most recently, the concept of packaging value and how it is constructed.

Currently, she works for her own consulting and research company in Finland providing consumer testing services under Sense N Insight research concept.

Kari Solala, Co-founder Sense N Insight, Vantaa, Finland

Kari has nearly 20 years´ experience in food business. He is specialized in sensory related consumer and market research as well as packaging research.

He started his food business career by working in the horeca sector – in institutional kitchens. During and after university studies he worked in many food and package development projects. Sensory research has always been an important aspect of his work and over the past few years he's been working closely with various food industrial concept, package and product development projects.  

Currently, he works for his partly owned consulting and research company Makery Oy in Finland, providing consumer and market research services under Sense N Insight research concept.