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Webinar 26.8.2020

Boosting Export with Packaging - Webinar 2: Market Insights

Keynote speech for all: 9.00-10.00 

Workshops: 10.00-11.30

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Mari Lappi-Kaipio

Project Manager, Boosting Export with Packaging

mari (at)

The programme is for companies who wish to expand their understanding on packaging and its role in food export. The coaching is in English and it is free of charge.

The program is carried out as a series of webinars which consist of a keynote speech and workshops.

  • Keynote speech: 9.00-10.00, open for everyone 
  • Workshops: 10.00-11.30, limited number of company spaces. Available spaces are filled in order of enrolling. Companies participating in workshops will be given a pre-assignment which will be discussed in guided small groups. The results are made available to the company for later use. 
Webinar program 

9.00-10.00 Keynote speeches for all

  • How to impress buyers with packaging? What does the buyer want and is it different from what the consumer wants? Martin Erdmann, Manufactum GmbH
  • Does “arctic” bring added value? Key findings of Luke’s multinational survey from Japan, UAE, Singapore and Germany, Jaana Kotro, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

10.00-11.30 Workshops for companies enrolled (limited spaces available) 

  • Workshops in groups: How well does my product fulfil the buyer criteria? Guided workshops with individual feedback,
  • Presenting group work results
Keynote Speaker: Martin Erdmann, Manufactum GmbH

"My twenty years of professional experience include the selection and marketing (online and stationary) of high-quality food products from all over Europe. In hundreds of supplier contacts I have been able to gain detailed insights into the market and its particularities. Especially working with small producers, manufactories and niche producers is part of my wealth of experience. In addition, my original studies of literature and art science, coupled with a keen interest not only in products and markets, but also in people and their needs, help me to assess and work on products in terms of design and communication. My experience as an author and advertising copywriter and in the design of advertising media rounds off my profile" 

Keynote Speaker: Jaana Kotro, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Jaana Kotro is a research scientist in Bioeconomy and Environment Unit at Luke. Her main areas of research are consumer issues, value creation in the food chain and responsibility of the food chain. She is also a group leader of Recreation and Nature Values group.

Her current research includes also service design and new business opportunities. She is also involved in a project that focuses on identifying communication elements to market Arctic, Finnish food products to international markets.