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Webinar 8.6.2020

Coaching Day - Japan

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This is a webinar for Finnish food business owners interested in Japanese markets covering market statistics and trends, business customs and basic steps for entering the market. We will also be explaining Food from Finland promotion activities in Japan to get your company started in market entry!

The webinar link will be sent to everyone registered to the event. The coaching day will be held in English. 

 Time: June 8th, 09:30 – 11:00 Finnish time

Webinar program:

Japanese food market statistics and trends by Business Finland TokyoInka-Liisa Häkälä, Business Finland 

• Do's and Don'ts when entering the Japanese markets for Food companies, Inka-Liisa Häkälä, Business Finland 

 Importing processSanna Kiuru, Ruokavirasto

• Japanese business customs, Kaori Maezono-Eskola, JETRO Helsinki Correspondent

Future promotion opportunities with Food from Finland by Business Finland TokyoMasahiro Kimura, Business Finland

Why Japan?
  • 10 % of Japan’s GDP consists of food and agriculture related industries, and the sector experienced a growth of 2 percent last year.
  • After the EU – Japan free trade agreement EPA in 2019, many food related tariffs have been removed or significantly decreased, proving increasing opportunities for European companies.
  • Japanese markets are not the quickest and easiest of the bunch, but once a successful entry is made, companies can expect to have long-lasting partnership and gains from Finland’s extremely popular country image and premium status.