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Webinar 30.9.2020

Denmark Go-to-market coaching

at 11-12.30 (Finnish time)

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Philip Bank

Senior Advisor (at)

The competitive Danish market for food and beverages continues to grow. Learn how to reach the Danish consumers. There are opportunities for all kinds of producers in this market, and Finnish products appear to have clear advantages.

Webinar and 1-to-1 coaching

Food from Finland together with Retail Network invite you to a webinar and two coaching sessions, which will put you in a position to decide if and how to start selling your products on Danish market. The Go-to-market sessions are customized to small and medium-sized enterprises that would like to understand what it takes.

One hour webinar + Q&A. This will be an open webinar for all interested Finnish companies. It will be free of charge. This session will give insider knowledge about the Danish market and how to approach it with success. Opinions can be shared and questions can be asked and answered individually.

The webinar is led by Fie Hansen-Hoeck, Retail Network, which is a company that has specialized in supporting food industry businesses and retail.