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Tokyo, Japan 3.-7.11.2020

Tokyo 2020 for food companies

Tokyo, Japan


Deadline for signing up to Finnish menu at Metsä Pavilion is 18.2.2020

Deadline for signing up to Finnish Food Week 3.-7.11.2020 is 20.3.2020



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Annaleena Soult
Program Manager, Food from Finland
annaleena.soult (at)

+358 40 3433 44

Business Finland, in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo and Metsä Group will build the Metsä Pavilion in the grounds of the Embassy. Metsä Pavilion will be open for 6 months, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and stay in the use of Finnish businesses until the end of the year 2020. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services in Japan! Please see more at

Food from Finland will organize to the Finnish food companies several options to participate to the activities at Metsä Pavilion. In addition to the options below, there will be more content developed for Christmas period, and we are also discussing partnership with Visit Finland and some other players.

A) Finnish Food Week 3.-7.11.2020: Promotion package for a group of minimum 10 companies:

Day 1: Getting to know Japanese food market

  • retailing shop tour in Tokyo
  • Japan market coaching (partly organised already in Finland in the spring)

Day 2: Events at the Metsä Pavilion including

  • Meet the Buyer event, taylor made
    • Japanese buyers and importers invited to meet Finnish companies
    • Buffet prepared by a Finnish chef based on the participating companies´ products
  • Media event
    • Japanese media and bloggers invited to meet the participating food companies
    • Finnish food promotion 
    • Media package preparation, follow-up

Day 3: Visit to Metsä Village and Moomin Park in Hanno, Saitama

  • Finnish products widely available

Price of the participation / company: 3000 € + travel and accommodation cost + potential freight of product samples

2) Other options for food companies (to be discussed case by case)

  • B) Finnish menu at Metsä Pavilion - to be served at the Pavilion during the 6 months

    • Opportunity for Finnish companies already having an importer in Japan
    • All the Finnish companies / organisations organizing events and receptions at the Pavilion can order these menus to cater their events. There will be different types of menu packages for different events:  breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail receptions.
    • These menus will be created in cooperation with chef Arto Rastas and catering company Benelic in Tokyo. Benelic will be the main catering partner for Metsä Pavilion events; there may be some other partner caterer as well to complete the services.
    • There will be a set selection of menus for the 6 months. We are now inviting Finnish food and beverage companies already having an importer in Japan to provide Finnish ingredients to the menus:
      • Your importer sells the selected products / ingredients to Benelic
      • The Finnish companies / organisations organizing events at the Metsä Pavilion can order menus from Benelic or potential other partner catering company
    • The participation cost to the menu is 900 € for SMEs and 1200 € for big companies; this is a fee to cover part of the cost of menu creations and other related expenses. Benelic will pay for the products / ingredients to your importers the agreed price.
      In counterpart, you will have visibility in the menu cards and menu information at the Pavilion and at the website, and also visibility in social media postings.
      There will be a lot of media events taking place in the Pavilion, and the menu will attire the attention of journalists thus promoting your product in the Japanese market.

    • If you are interested in offering your products to the Finnish menu options, please contact Annaleena by February 18th, +358 40 3433 447: tell what products /ingredients you are offering as part of the menu + your importer´s coordinates + contact person. Benelic and Arto Rastas will meet in Tokyo at the beginning of March to start working on the menu.

  • C) Pop up shop at Metsä Pavilion TBC
    • Run by a Japanese importer
    • Pop up shop open during the main events and consumer visit days
    • The companies not having an importer in Japan: the importer can act as a temporary importer during the 6 months. Fees to be discussed with the importer
  • D) Pop up café at the Pavilion TBC
    • Open on consumer visit days and during the main events
    • More information will follow