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Metsä Pavilion, Tokyo Japan 10.2020 - 11.2020

Virtual Finnish food week in Japan with Food from Finland

Metsä Pavilion, Tokyo Japan

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Registrations ends on 23.9.


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Annaleena Soult
Senior Advisor, Manager, Food from Finland
+358 40 343 3447
annaleena.soult (at)

Inka-Liisa Häkälä
Advisor, Business Finland Tokyo Office
(Please note time difference +6h)
+81 90 2228 9163
inka-liisa.hakala (at)

Due to situation with COVID19, travel to Japan is not possible but Food from Finland program will bring Japanese market to you!

Join our virtual Finnish Food Week to Japan consisting of a webinar and buyer meetings. In the webinar, you will have the possibility to pitch your company for a wider audience, followed by 1 on 1 buyer meetings with Japanese buyers organized for all participating Finnish companies. Business Finland offers interpretation service for all of these events. Participating companies can send their samples to Japan, where our Tokyo office staff will distribute them to buyers for each meeting. To make the buyer meetings even more interesting for the Japanese buyers, we will invite them to join the meetings at Tokyo Metsä Pavilion.

Who will benefit?

If you are a Finnish company in the food and beverage sector looking to expand your sales to Japan or grow your existing sales in the market, this event is for you!

Please note that in case we have companies both looking for importers and companies looking for expansion of their existing sales, we will divide buyer meeting according these groups. In case one group does not have enough participants, it will be cancelled.

Program summary

The week program will consist of 2 main events: webinar to introduce Finnish foods ad participants’ products to a wider audience in Japan, and 1 on 1 buyer meetings organized for you by Business Finland.

October 16, 2020
Internal orientation for participants

October 23, 2020
Pitching practice

October 28, 2020
Finnish food webinar for Japanese audience

November 4 – 5, 2020
1 on 1 buyer meetings with Japanese buyers

Participation fee

To cover the expenses of Tokyo Metsä Pavilion use and event arrangements, Business Finland will charge a participation fee of 700 euros. By signing up for this event you confirm your company's participation and payment of the fee unless the event is cancelled by Business Finland.