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Online 18.-29.10.2021

China – Virtual Buyers´ Meeting

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More Information


Ms. Jianing Lu, Advisor (at) 


Ms. Erika Wang, Senior Advisor (at) 

Food from Finland welcomes Finnish Food and Beverage companies to join China-Virtual Buyers’ Meeting from 18 October to 29 October. Virtual Buyers’ Meetings will utilize Chinese communication tool Wechat to organize one-to-one meetings with well-seleted and pre-matched potential Chinese buyers based on your products category.

Event Objectives

China continues to be world leading country of imported food. The market is actively looking for new brands and e-commerce channels creates additional bonus to suppliers by creating extensive opportunities. The profiles of buyer includes importer, distributor, retailer and e-commerce etc. The feasibility of buyers will depend on the participating companies’ product profile.

The selection of buyers is tailor-selected based on interest of participating Finnish companies and each participating company will meet TEN potential buyers during 2 weeks. The meeting time will be coordinated by BF.

The meeting slot is 20-30mins, we will help each Finnish company book 10 meetings during 2 weeks on WeChat.

What  is new in this session?

  1. Pre-matched buyers profile are selected based on Finnish companies products and request.
  2. Coaching session to all participating companies before the event
  3. Value added services: translation and follow-up services (optional)

Coaching Session

Date: 13th October.

The coaching day will provide latest market information, potential category analysis,Chinese buyers preference and technics of communication to Chinese buyers.

The coaching is mandatory to all participants of virtual matchmaking event.

Speaker: Patrick Chan, founder, Shanghai View Widen Consulting Co., Ltd
View Widen is an established and experienced consulting firm dedicated to imported food and beverage industry based in Shanghai, China. The firm endeavors to be the premier bridge for global suppliers to acquire business opportunities in Chinese market. The talented team owns expertise in food beverage importation, business management, e-commerce and distribution negotiation.

Individual Meetings with the Buyers

Date: 18th -29th October

One-on-one meetings will be scheduled according to agreed time between Finnish companies and potential buyers on wechat.Business Finland will assist finnish companies to set up wechat account.

Who can participate in this event?

  • Producers of Finnish food and beverage products and have done basic China market research related to your products
  • Representatives or Distributors of Finnish brands in China.

We recommend you to be familiar of basic knowledge of Chinese business culture through the coaching session, please feel free to prepare questions in advance.

In addition, to get the best out of the buyers meeting, we highly recommend participants to conduct an initial product compliance check for traditional and cross-border e-commerce export to China.

Due to complex custom clearance requirement on imported food and beverage in China, this step is crucial for exporters to understand the possibility for your products export to China and have an estimation of readiness for export to China. It is also recommended to consider registering your trademark to protect brand since China only acknowledges trademarks registered within its own jurisdiction and follows the first-to-file system.

How to Participate?

  • Fill in the registration form to China- Virtual Buyers Meeting.
  • Prepare a maximum two-slide presentation, including a short company’s introduction, products available to Chinese buyers.

Please send slides to below contact persons once you finished registration:

  • Ms. Jianing Lu, Advisor: (at) (Shanghai)
  • Ms. Erika Wang, Senior Advisor, (at) (Helsinki)

Upon completion of registration, please kindly provide wish list of type of buyers in the comment box.
Food from Finland team will contact you for more information, if needed.

Food from Finland will organize the following:

  • Collecting participants information
  • Event plan and execution
  • Coordinating buyers invitation
  • Coordinating meeting time between companies and buyers
  • When needed, assisting sample product shipment to China after all meetings (limited to products already in China)

Participation Fee

The participation fee is 500 euro (coaching and matchmaking) + VAT for each company participant. The fee covers buyer identification, online meeting organization and coaching.
Optional: 50 euro +VAT for translation and interoperation during meeting (excluded from 500 euro)

The event will be organized when minimum eight companies participate.

Please note that cost of shipping products to China is not included in the fee.

Business Finland-Food from Finland will send invoice after all meetings are completed.