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Webinar 8.4.2021

Coaching Day - Sweden

Time: 8.4.2021 10-11:00 EET


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Vilma Rissanen, Business Finland, Stockholm
vilma.rissanen (at)

Welcome to Sweden coaching day organized by Food from Finland to hear about the market structure, trends and drivers in Sweden, and what to consider for a successful market entry.

Sweden is a natural export market for Finnish food and beverage companies. The close geographical location and cultural similarities offer Finnish companies a great environment for growth, but also for testing and developing the commercial concept. Finnish food and beverages exports to Sweden exceed EUR 300 million yearly making Sweden the largest export target market of Finnish food and beverage industry. Some of the largest export categories are dairy, chocolate and alcoholic beverages.
Despite being ‘the second home market’ for Finnish companies, the competition in Sweden is high and market entry requires great efforts and dedication.

The coaching day will provide answers to following questions:

  • What to consider before entering the Swedish market?
  • What is required to enter the Swedish market?
  • How to meet the high expectations of the Swedish consumers and retailers and stand out from the crowd?

The coaching day will be led by Mr Anders Holm, Borkan Business Partner AB, who has an extensive experience in food business in Sweden, both in buying processes and in introducing and promoting foreign products to the Swedish market.

Event language is English. 


Welcome words
Vilma Rissanen, Business Finland, Stockholm

An introduction to the Swedish Food Market
Anders Holm, Borkan Business Partner AB

  • Market structure (retail, online, foodservice)
  • Market entry process
  • Differences between Finland and Sweden, what to consider?
  • Trends
  • Packaging
  • Marketing


Closing words
Vilma Rissanen, Business Finland, Stockholm


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