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Hybrid 2.-3.12.2021

Food from Finland Roadshow in China 2021

Online and off-line in Shanghai and Guangzhou




More Information

Ms. Erika Wang, Senior Advisor, Food from Finland (at)

Ms. Jianing Lu, Advisor based in Shanghai, Food from Finland (at)

Follow the lead for health, share the food from Finland – thematic Roadshow 2021 in China

Updates on COVID control in China and information on delegation visit to Shandong Province

Since Mid-October 2021, mainland China has faced escalated COVID situation. Several local provinces, especially capital city Beijing has put in action with tightened rules. Closer health measurement is conducted, but there has not been any major disruption in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Based on the principal of conduct activities with responsibility and safety, 2021 China roadshow will visit Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Team Finland China will have a high-level delegation visit to Shandong Province led by Ambassador Ms. Leena-Kaisa Mikkola on 25th-26th Nov – if you are interested to attend offline (unfortunately virtual participation will not be possible for this visit), please check the details and register with delegation team. It will be a separate event than roadshow and Food is one of main theme of Business delegation to Shandong province.

Highlights in roadshow 2021

1. Theme driven presentation to media
2. High quality trade profiles to both cities

Time and date: 2nd of December to Shanghai, 3rd December to Guangzhou
Fee: 1000 euro + VAT
Format: Hybrid (Offline event + online participation)


Business Finland/Food from Finland program is organizing the 3rd Roadshow in China in hybrid model. This roadshow is going to visit Shanghai and Guangzhou, one of the the main importer based tier-1 cities. Representatives living in China are warmly welcome to join the offline event,  and from Finland through virtual format.

In China, during pandemic, business model and negotiations have gradually evolved to online model, especially for imported F&B business. Similar to the trend in exhibitions in Europe, pandemic transformed traditional face-to-face meeting model to virtual and take place in tailor made context. Under observation, Chinese importers and local buyers look for high quality food products, healthy and natural food is particularly attractive. Finnish food provides rich variety and high quality ingredients which highly match with the market demand. Food from Finland program together with long-term food industry event organizer, will present an engaging and premium food offering image through this roadshow.

Event Format:

Shanghai 2nd December – Focus PR event + trade
Set-up - demonstrate sustainable, pure and tasty food from Finland.
Media estimation – 30 medias includes national media and food industry media. The press release will aim for social media and general media platforms
Trade – 40-45 participants

Guangzhou 3rd December – Trade
Set-up - demonstrate sustainable, pure and tasty food from Finland.
Trade – 40-45 participants

Event Theme:

Follow the lead for health, share the food from Finland

As Shanghai Focus PR event, three thematic topics will be presented together with chef cooking challenges.

  • Kick-off the journey for health
  • Chef’s challenge – showcase Finnish Food
  • Networking for a better future

The agenda is going to explain the attractiveness of food from Finland in interactive ways. The product visibility will maximize through diversified communication platform. One nutritionist will be invited to the PR event for the first time, the nutritionist endorses Finnish food and the attention will be gathered from on-site guests and media press release.

Participation Benefits:

Each company will have:

1. A booth where can upload plenty of sales material; product samples, brochures, sales flyers, etc.
2. Network with media, trade representatives and face to face discussion, food tasting
3. Exposure of product and brand on focused media

Logistics for international shipping

Product shipment organized and paid by participants:
Optional: If you need custom clearance services, €400

Shipment for products from Finland:
Shanghai Mint International Trading Co., Ltd.
89 Jilong Road 10F Room1010 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 200131 China
Contact: Tony Guo (wiseman (at)
Tel: +86 21 5830 6803

Logistics for domestic shipping
To: 9th Floor, No. 9 Donghu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai City
Contact: Yuqi (Sopexa team)
Tel: 13661776125
Office: 021-5255 0095 – 104

We will closely follow the local government instructions on COVID-19, if needed, we will adjust or change the schedule.