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Webinar 6.4.2021

Nordic Food US: FDA Regulations

Time: 6.4.2021, 17:00 EET


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Katja Kotala, Business Finland, California
katja.kotala (at)


Sari Paavilainen, Business Finland, Helsinki
sari.paavilainen (at)

Entering the U.S. market can seem overwhelming, especially in the food and beverage industry. Mapping out the different players, understanding the cost structure and preparing for the unexpected can get complicated.

Food from Finland (Business Finland) and Try Swedish (Business Sweden) are organizing joint webinars during 2021 for Nordic food and beverage companies interested in the U.S. market, to provide Nordic companies with useful and practical insight into the market.

FDA regulations

An introduction to FDA regulations for Nordic food & beverage companies presented by Therese Dalebrant, program manager for Try Swedish USA.

Questions to be addressed during the webinar include:

  • FDA facility registration: who needs to register with the FDA, and the process of doing so
  • Food safety plan: the differences between the European HACCP and the U.S. HARPC plan
  • What to know about FDA inspections and how to prepare for them
  • What a PCQI certification is, and who needs it
  • Labeling differences
  • What happens if you fail to comply with FDA regulations
  • Relevant exemptions to certain FDA regulations