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Webinar 4.5.2021

Nordic Food US: US Logistics

Time: 4.5.2021, 17:00 EET


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Elina Fahlgren, Business Finland, California
elina.fahlgren (at)

Sari Paavilainen, Business Finland, Helsinki
sari.paavilainen (at)

Entering the U.S. market can seem overwhelming, especially in the food and beverage industry. Mapping out the different players, understanding the cost structure and preparing for the unexpected can get complicated.

Food from Finland (Business Finland) and Try Swedish (Business Sweden) are organizing joint webinars during 2021 for Nordic food and beverage companies interested in the U.S. market, to provide Nordic companies with useful and practical insight into the market.

US logistics

An overview of the logistical landscape for selling food online and to physical retailers. This includes the requirements, processes, and financial aspects of working with a third party logistics provider (3PL).

Topics covered will include warehousing and logistics within the U.S., as well as what other complementary partners are required for companies to sell to Amazon and/or physical retailers.

 More information and link to registration coming later in March.