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Webinar 19.1.2021

Opportunities for organic food and beverage companies in Germany and in France

Time: 14:00-15:30

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Elina Iso-Oja
Business Finland
elina.iso-oja (at)

Heidi Romu
Business Finland
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Are you a Finnish organic food and beverage brand looking to take advantage of the growing organic products market in Germany and in France? If yes, join us for this webinar with our local partner Ecolive.

The market for organic food has been growing rapidly both in Germany and in France. The distribution of organic products is well developed with specialized organic retail chains as well as big range of organic products within the traditional retail chains.

German consumers are well knowledgeable about the benefits of organically grown ingredients and about environmental matters, which has a positive impact on the development of organic market in Germany. German organic market has been steady growing the past years and is expected to keep this trend also in the upcoming years. Organic packaged food grew by 3 % in 2019 reaching sales of 3.5€ billion in Germany.

In France, after various food scandals, consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental threats and have become more health conscious. Following scandals related especially to pesticide use, consumers see organic food as a safe option and organic food sales have grown in double-digit numbers during the past years. In 2019, organic packaged food sales grew 12% to reach 3.1 billion euros.

Welcome to join our webinar!

In this webinar you will get an overall presentation of the German and French organic markets, you can ask questions and also have a possibility to continue the discussion after the event with our partner Ecolive.

Please note that the webinar will be held in English.


14.00-14.05 Welcome and opening remarks, Business Finland

Part 1 – Germany
14.05-14.35 Organic market in Germany and opportunities for Finnish companies, Olivier Potaufeux, Ecolive
14.35-14.45 Q&A

Part 2 – France
14.45-15.15 Organic market in France and opportunities for Finnish companies, Gregory Gicquel, Ecolive
15.15-15.30 Q&A

About Ecolive 

Ecolive is a sales agency specialized in the distribution of certified organic products. Since 2010 we have been promoting the know-how of many producers in stores in France and Germany. Our objective is to discover and allow real culinary treasures to be discovered. By helping producers to grow, we ensure that they are available in the stores closest to consumers.

To summarize, we help organic producers to develop their business in France and Germany through 5 phases of services:

• Market discovery
• Brand presentation
• National launch
• Sales force outsourcing
• Communication

There is a possibility to book a one-to-one meeting with Ecolive after the webinar, please indicate if you are interested in this option while registering to the event. Ecolive will select the companies for these meetings based on relevancy.

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