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Beijing, GuangDong, Hainan Province 30.9.-31.12.2022

Food industry offline retail campaign in China

Time: 30.9.-31.12.2022
Place: Offline in Beijing, GuangDong, Hainan Province 

Campaign cancelled


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Erika Wang, Business Finland, Helsinki (at)


Jianing Lu, Business Finland, Shanghai (at)

In China, premium consumers shop high value-added pre-packaged food in selective retail chains. Frequently purchased food include but are not limited to dairy, meat, snacks, water, beer, liquor, confectionary, infant food, plant-based food, etc. Consumers receive product information through social media or online channels and shop offline according to daily routine. The promotional campaign includes digital promotion and offline sales. Selected products are well introduced to targeted consumers and the brands participate in multi-national activity with several European countries.

Registration and participation format

  • Negotiation with retail chains July – August (retail price, purchase quantity)
  • Marketing material and product shipping to retail chain warehouse August
  • Start of digital campaign September
  • Campaign location and period

Northern China
September/October, Beijing.
Number of stores:5
Retail Chain: Jenny Wang

Southern China (Guangdong and Hainan provinces)
November/December, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Sanya, Panyu
Number of stores: 5
Retail Chain: Corner’s Deli

Duration of campaign – Products will be promoted for 21 days in total per chain, with 3 days of intensive sampling sessions per chain.

Who should attend?

  • Only products already available on mainland China market, pre-packaged food targeting retail channel
  • Local representative is available for negotiation
  • Frozen product is possible
  • Product shall be complaint with local market law such as taxation

Fee for participation

1000 EUR/ company
Note: Payment by e-invoicing in Finland

Rules of participation

  • Due to the limitation of total number of products to be listed, the registration is applied by first come first served
  • Each company will have 1-2 product in the campaign
  • Each company will have maximum 1 product per chain
  • Total 9 products from Finland
    • same brand with different sized package is considered as 1 product
    • same brand with product in different flavors is considered as 2 products

Special Note:

  • The campaign is subject to changes such as COVID restriction in local market.
  • In order to present an enriched offering from Finnish food industry, the minimum number of brands participating in this campaign is five, maximum of eight.
  • Due to the limitation of total number of products to be listed, the registration is applied by first come first sarved.

Offline promotion

Jenny Wang – 9 hours with promoter for all selected products
Corner’s Deli – 9 hours with promoter for all selected products

Opening ceremony is targeted to
- 8000 impressions offline / chain

Online marketing exposure per chain: 100,000 impressions online (Through Wechat mini Program)

Marketing Material

  • High resolution logo with transparent background
  • High resolution Product picture

Further offline marketing material production will be announced during preparation phase.

Retail Chain – selected store locations

Jenny Wang (Beijing)

  1. Xin Guozhan Store 
    Xingyuan First Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, 50m south of Rongxiang Plaza
  2. Jian’guo men Store (Beijing Friendship Store)
    No. 17, Jian’guomen Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  3. Lidu Store
    Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Yard 1-10, No.2
  4. Yujing Store
    Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, 1F, Building 7, Wenyu Manor
  5. Youshan Store
    Yijing Garden Villa Club, Shunyi District, Beijing

Corner’s Deli (Guangdong: Guangzhou, Panyu, Dongguan) (Hainan: Haikou, Sanya)

  1. Canton Place Store
    Guangdong, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, Zhujiang New City Kaixuan New World, Canton Place 97/99/101/120, East Gate
  2. Panyu Four Seas City Store
    Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu, No. 388, Nancunzhen, Hanxi Avenue East, Four Seas City Business Center West, LG2, 13-1
  3. Xinghe Store
    Guangdong, Dongguan, Dongcheng East Road, Xinghe Chuanshuozhen, Fengtianxia, Bauhinia Mansion, 13-14
  4. Haikou Store
    Hainan, Haikou, Longhua District, No. 21, World Trade Wangsha Road, Friendship World Trade City, 1FD003
  5. Summer Mall Sanya Store
    Hainan, Sanya, Dadongchai Yuya Avenue, Summer Mall, F5