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Teams webinar 7.12.2021

Pitching training – the secret sauce of a successful EIC Accelerator interview

Time: 9:30-11:30


Register by 6.12.2021.


More information

hannele.halmetoja (at)

In this training you will learn what happens at the interview stage – how to present your project, what kind of questions you are asked and why companies fail.


  • How to structure your pitch deck for Stage 1 and Stage 2 (what is the difference)
  • How to structure your video for Stage 1
  • Pitch training for the interview – key aspects of the deck and execution of the pitch
  • Interview questions
  • Why do companies fail?

Participants are expected to know the basics of the EIC Accelerator.

The training will be conducted by the founder and managing partner of Invent Baltics, Mr. Silver Toomla. Invent Baltics is a consultancy firm specializing in assisting technology companies and R&D organizations to apply for EU grants. They have the experience of 41 successful Accelerator Stage 2 projects.

The training is free of charge for the participants.