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Online 1.9.2020

Live stream for international media: Remote digital health care and technology from Finland

Finnfacts / Business Finland live stream for international media

(Please note: this event is exclusively for international journalists, so the event link will only be sent to journalists who registered beforehand.)

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Tsui-Shan Tu
PR & Media Manager
tsui-shan.tu (at)
+ 358 40 193 6887


Katja Uusi-Hakala
PR & Media Manager
katja.uusi-hakala (at)
+358 40 162 7663

A global pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for remote healthcare solutions. As one of the top three health technology economies globally - and the first country in the world to digitise national health registries -  Finland is in a unique position to offer insight into ways to prevent risks and even save lives during the pandemic. From smart rings, to remote home care visits, health tech originating in Finland will continue to be part of a global megatrend of remote solutions after the pandemic.

Being ranked as the happiest country in the world for three years running, Finland knows how to solve problems and enhance the quality of people’s lives. This spring up to 60 % of Finns were working from home, which meant that Finland was leading the remote work charts in Europe. Using remote technology to develop smart solutions for wellbeing is like second nature to Finns, and all health technologies aim at providing a better daily life.

During this 1,5h live stream for international journalists, we will demonstrate new and ground-breaking innovations that have helped a small country become a global leader in digital health. We will introduce you to three highly innovative Finnish companies and their remote digital health technology solutions: Oura ring (world’s smartest wearable), Kaiku Health (cancer or COVID-19 syndrome follow-up) and VideoVisit (remote health care for the elderly). We plan to pop in a Finnish forest and hear from an elderly person about remote health care solutions, among other things.

Finland ranks among the three strongest health technology economies in the world. The export of health-tech related services, software and nonregulated health and wellness goods is currently approximately 4B€. Finland is also one of only seven countries in the world that exports more health technology than it imports.

The Finnish success story of health-tech sector is based on the Finnish innovation system which enables intensive collaboration between public institutions, universities, and industry. Being the first country in the world that has digitized national health registries originating in the 1960s, over 98 percent of Finnish patient records are in electronic format, which also provides a solid ground for Finnish companies to develop cutting-edge solutions for data analysis.

Among all the success stories from Finnish healthcare innovations, we will focus on the remote digital health technology in this virtual media meeting. Remote digital health technology has been transforming the healthcare systems in many parts of the world, and the global pandemic has made it even more current than ever.

 Oura’s smart ring has attracted attentions worldwide, including a recent partnership commenced with the University of California to determine if it can be used for early detection of the COVID-19 virus. 

Kaiku Health’s remote patients’ syndrome follow-up solution has been used effectively in the leading cancer hospital in Finland as well as in over 35 hospitals and clinics for routine care in Europe. The company also started to cooperate with a Swiss research centre to apply its solution for COVID-19’s follow-ups. 

VideoVisit’s remote solutions have been used in Finnish hospitals for years, and the company started to expand internationally including several countries in Asia. By enabling remote senior homecare visits with its secure remote connection, the solutions not only enhance elderly’s’ wellbeing, but also save resources of nursing personnel which makes city’s healthcare system more cost efficient. During the pandemic outbreak its remote care platform has also been used to support elderly people in the UK who are isolated in their homes. 

In this 1.5-hour live stream, we will start by presenting a big picture of Finnish healthcare technologies, followed by three companies’ introduction, demos and interviews. You are welcomed to ask questions any time to join the discussions. It’s possible to arrange individual interviews after the virtual meeting, we will also collect all background information and statistics on Finnish healthcare ecosystem in advance for your reference.  

Time of the event:

London, The United Kingdom 10.00-11.30 (UTC+1)
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Sweden 11.00-12.30 (UTC+2)
Finland 12.00-13.30 (UTC+3)
Moscow, Russia 12.00-13.30 (UTC+3)
Singapore, China 17.00-18.30 (UTC+8)
South Korea, Japan 18.00-19.30 (UTC+9)