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St. Petersburg, Russia 25.5.2019

Day of Finland festival in St. Petersburg

Port Sevkabel, St. Petersburg


Further information

Sergei Shkurov
sergei.shkurov (at)

Boost Your business & brand visibility in Russia and take a part in Visit Finland's festival "Day of Finland"!

This PR-event is made for the end customers and will be held at most trendy venue, which is loved by our target groups. Within this free entry all-day festival-type event for families, couples and millennials, it is easy, cost-friendly and very efficient way to expose your company to your potential Russian clients – and already Finland-motivated ones, too.

To become a participant of the event, you are required to bring on the action – of interesting, creative and interactive kind, which is able to stop event visitor just at your stand. VR-glasses, master-class, product or service tasting, selfie-box, something funny for children, or anything else (only local laws are the limit).