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Webinar 15.12.2020

Health Travel ABC

Time: 13.00 - 16.15

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Pipsa Liljedahl
pipsa.liljedahl (at)

Visit Finland will publish a new guide Health Travel ABC targeted for health care and travel companies interested in attracting international health travelers.

The guide and this webinar aim to “awake and shake” Finnish health care companies still in doubt whether or not to join the international marketplace as well as introduce this "niche" segment to Finnish travel companies looking for new customers.

This webinar aims to provide a broader picture of health travel and practical guidelines for when you decide to conquer this emerging global market. It is estimated that Finland welcomes 4,000 patients per year which is just not enough, considering that Finland ranks as the 6th best health care system in Europe (Euro Health Consumer Index 2017). Collaboration on national level helps to design more attractive health travel products and promote Finland's image as a top health care destination.


Welcome & greetings from Visit Finland 
Päivi Antila, Manger, Health Travel 

What it takes to become a successful medical tourism destination and where are we now in Finland?  
Prof. Dr. Kai Illing & Leila Kresic-Juric, HTI Partner 

Collaboration is the key - What kind of partners Finnish clinics need to succeed? 
Prof. Dr. Kai Illing & Leila Kresic-Juric, HTI Partner 
Ilpo Tolonen, CEO, Docrates Cancer Center

What it takes to become a medical tourism facilitator?  

  • What medical travel facilitators do and how they earn their money?Prof. Dr. Kai Illing & Leila Kresic-Juric, HTI Partner 
  • Why Luova Finland chose to focus on health travel?  
    Sanja Heininen, Creative CEO, Luova Finland

Coffee break 

Medical hotels and Healthy Climate Resorts – emerging business opportunity? 
Prof. Dr. Kai Illing & Leila Kresic-Juric, HTI Partner 

Clinic Helena + Kruunupuisto: Local partnerships  

  • Meri Tiirinki, Head of International Business, Kruunupuisto 
  • Helena Puonti / Jenni EronenClinic Helena 

Conclusions & recommendations