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Webinar 10:00-12:00

Webinar: Covid-19 – impacts of the outbreak on the Chinese travel industry


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Teemu Ahola
teemu.ahola (at)

Thank you for joining our webinar!

Visit Finland China COVID-19 webinar -esitysmateriaali (PDF)

Visit Finland China COVID-19 webinar Q&A (PDF)


In 2019 Chinese overnights, including Hong Kong, increased by 15% in Finland and well exceeded the 400 000 overnights limit. The outlook for the year 2020 was also promising and within the month of January the number of Chinese overnights in Finland reached nearly 60 000.

The travel industry is known to be vulnerable to global phenomenon. In the case of Covid-19, first news about the new outbreak reached the international audience right around the Chinese New Year.

Visit Finland invites Finnish travel industry partners to a webinar on the impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the Chinese travel industry.


1. Opening Speech by VF management team
2. VF's actions and plans after COVID-19 outbreak in China by Teemu Ahola
3. Presentation – Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Travel Trade by VF China team
4. Q&A Session

Main topics

  • Current Situation of COVID-19 outbreak in China
  • Travel ban by Chinese government & flight cancellations
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Travel Trade (opinions collected from Chinese travel trade)
  • Overnight statistics and estimated losses
  • Trends and some advices