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Webinar 23.6.2020

Webinar: COVID-19 – Outlook on tourism industry in India and UAE

Webinar at 10-12

Further information

Tarja Koivisto
tarja.koivisto (at)

Visit Finland arranged a webinar for Finnish travel industry partners about outlook on tourism industry in India and UAE during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. The webinar was held in English and recording of the webinar can be found on this website.


  • Opening words
  • Visit Finland 2020 activities in India & UAE
  • Statistical outlook
  • India market update
  • UAE market update
  • Q&A

Market update topics

  • Current Situation of COVID -19 outbreak in the market
  • Impact of the outbreak to the Travel Trade
  • Trends and opportunities

Guest speakers

Ms. Suzanne Pereira, Sr. Vice President, Trade Relationships Communications & Service Quality from Thomas Cook (India) Ltd
She was a guest speaker from India in the upcoming Visit Finland Webinar & she gave an overview of their latest survey highlighting the outlook of travel from India post COVID-19 and the various initiatives taken by Thomas Cook & SOTC India to rebuild the confidence of consumer to travel again.

Dnata is the leading travel management company in the Middle East. From Dnata we have Emily Jenkins, Head of Retail & Product – Leisure
Emily gave us an update of the impact of Covid19 pandemic on the tourism industry especially outbound from UAE Market and what is the expectation on the recovery pattern from the UAE and Middle East perspective. She talked about the trends Dnata tours will expect to see from travelers from UAE/Middle East post covid19 and how do they see Finland as a destination.



Presentation COVID-19 - Outlook on tourism industry in India and UAE.pdf

Presentation of Suzanne Pereira from Thomas Cook (India).pdf