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News 18.05.2018

National platform, developer consortium, and service provider community for home-based digital services for the elderly

A consortium led by IT service company CGI has begun to develop a national technology platform for digital services supporting independent living at home for our aging population. It is also creating the basis for the development of a wider platform economy ecosystem.

"By 2050, the share of people over the age of 60 will have doubled in the Finnish population. It is essential to our public finances that more people are able and willing to live at home as long as possible. This will require the development of home-based services through the more extensive use of digitalisation in particular," explains Matti Häkkinen, ‎VP, Welfare & Local Government of CGI Finland.

The task of the consortium led by CGI is to build a technology platform that combines different, individual technology solutions into an easy-to-use service package. This will create the practical basis for providing home-based digital services (KODA) in accordance with the Government's key project objectives.

"An open platform will be created in Finland, enabling various digital service providers to have their services integrated into the national care and service chain. For example, an innovation by a start-up or care company will not be left out on a limb, but will be added to home-based services, and to the health and social services toolkit, securely and more easily than now," explains Markku Mäenpää from CGI, who is leading the development work of the consortium.

In addition to accelerating the introduction of home-based digital services, the project will create new bases for the development of a welfare and social services platform and the international export of Finnish healthtech expertise.

"This is an inspiring project from many perspectives. It will contribute to the wellbeing of older people, the provision of home-based services and the customer experience, the achievement of savings goals for the social and health services reform, and placing Finland at the forefront of global digital development," Mäenpää summarises.

Within the consortium, CGI has been joined by Eksote, Nokia, Telia, Avaintec, Connected Finland,, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Business Finland as part of the Innovative Cities Programme.

For more information

Markku Mäenpää
Director, KODA Development Project, CGI Finland
+358 400 653 520
markku.maenpaa (at)