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News 06.09.2018

Smart Mobility program starts

Business Finland launches Smart Mobility program. During 2018 - 2022 it will help Finnish companies to take advantage of the new business opportunities arised from the radical change in the transport sector. Key themes of the program are seamless transport chains, emission reduction and big data.

The value of the global transport market is estimated to be around 6500 billion euros annually, and about 30 billion euros in Finland. The markets are in a strong transition; Sharing cars and lorries, MaaS and the reorganization of the taxi markets will change the business models in the industry. Digitalisation and new technologies will revitalize the industry, including autonomous vehicles, drones and hyperloop.

"The whole area of ​​mobility is in a radical change globally. This makes it possible for Finland to play a pioneering role through new business models, digital technologies and artificial intelligence. By utilizing these strengths we can bring interesting and competitive solutions to the international markets," says Business Finland's Hanna Marttinen-Deakins and Mika Klemettinen.

The program aims to attract significant international players into Finland to use our existing test platforms and to create and immerse into new innovative ecosystems.

Smart Mobility has three themes for new business and international level solutions from Finnish companies:

  1. Disruptive mobility services and traffic systems through wide data usage and sharing.

  2. Globally leading seamless logistics and people transportation solutions.

  3. Radical emission reduction and fossil free mobility to exceed climate agreement requirements.

The services provided by the program include financing, Invest in Finland's services for creating new ecosystems, internationalization services for companies, networking services and bringing new knowledge in this field. In the beginning of the program Internationalization is directed particularly in Germany, Sweden, Japan, China and the United States markets.

The program is intended for companies, research organizations, municipalities and cities, for example in service, ICT and manufacturing industries.

The estimated funding from Business Finland is approximately EUR 50 million. The program also aims to create consortia that receive a significant amount of EU funding.

Read more on the program here

More information

Senior Director Hanna Marttinen-Deakins
tel. +358 (0)40 343 3348

Director Mika Klemettinen
tel. +358 50 483 6661