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News 31.10.2018

Success story from Finland: MUJI’s flagship store to open in Helsinki

Japanese lifestyle brand giant MUJI will open a flagship store at Kamppi Shopping Centre in the heart of Helsinki in 2019, after close cooperation with Business Finland and other Finnish partners.

One of the world’s most notable design chains, MUJI is finally arriving in Finland. MUJI will open one of their largest flagship stores in the world in November 2019 at Kamppi Shopping Centre. MUJI store in Finland will act as the center of the company’s business and innovation activities in Europe.

Business Finland creating success stories

In 2017, Masahiro Kimura and Hanna Lankinen from Business Finland teamed up together with Helsinki Business Hub to establish new business innovations for MUJI in Finland. "After establishing a store in Sweden in 2017, Mr Kanai wanted to branch out to Finland – a country close to his heart”, says Business Finland’s MUJI project leader Masahiro Kimura.

The Chairman of Ryōhin Keikaku (MUJI), Mr. Kanai, visited Finland for the first time during Habitare  – Finland's leading fair for furniture, interior decoration and design, where MUJI also had their first pop-up store. Mr. Kanai has long been a fan of Finland: Finnish design and its functionality and simple beauty has truly captivated him.

"Masaaki Kanai sees a lot of similarities between Finland and Japan.  In particular, the Japanese MINGEI design movement reminds him of Finnish design”, Masahiro Kimura from Business Finland tells.

The success of the pop-up stores held in Habitare in 2017 and in Torikorttelit in 2018 convinced Mr. Kanai that there is high demand for MUJI products in the Finnish market.

“After working side-by side with MUJI and Helsinki Business Hub, the work is now paying off. This is a great opportunity for the Finnish economy – and a great success case for Finland”, Kimura adds.

MUJI creating new ideas to our everyday life

MUJI will introduce a Speciality Food corner in its Helsinki store for the first time in Europe. The store will offer food directly sourced from local producers. In addition, MUJI will unveil a large selection of books mainly related to lifestyle and create a space for local people to sell their produce – MUJI aims to be a platform for the local community.

MUJI and Sensible 4 – a Finnish company that creates systems for autonomous vehicles – have combined their expertise to create an robotbus. The Gacha shuttle bus, the first in the world to function in all weather conditions, will be revealed to the public at its premiere in March 2019 in Helsinki.

 About MUJI

MUJI was founded during the 1980s in Japan as a response and counter to the habits of commercial consumer society at the time. Our vision to bring ‘No Brand, Quality Goods’ Short for "Mujirushi Ryohin" was realised overseas for the first time in 1991 when MUJI opened a store within the Liberty department store. In the 25 years since then, MUJI has continued to grow to now more than 57 MUJI stores across Europe. In the 25 years since then, MUJI has continued to grow to now more than 57 MUJI stores across Europe.


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Hanna Lankinen, +358 40 7615 551, hanna.lankinen (at)