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News 05.08.2019

Data improves the efficiency and equality of education

Municipalities spend billions every year on education. Teachers and school administration use up valuable time and resources working with incompatible software and collecting and sorting out disorganized information. To improve the effectiveness of schools, the City of Vantaa has launched a wide-scale reform to pool together electronic systems used by teachers, students, parents and administrators on a single platform.

The aim of the reform is that through use of the platform and open API solutions, it will be possible to begin collecting “big data” on education. The collected wealth of data will then be harnessed to assist in the work and decision-making of teachers, principals and administrators. Analyzing the collected data will open up new possibilities for personalized teaching methods and the development of individual support. The new forms of information can be used in preventing social exclusion, for example. 

Automated data analytics produces up-to-date information on learning results, which allows the effectiveness of instruction to be tracked in real time and improved over the course of the school year. The platform solution and data resources could also help create an attractive research and development environment for the education sector, as has happened in the social services and healthcare sector. A prerequisite for this prospect is that the platform solution is adopted into widescale use across municipalities.

- In developing the platform solution, we have taken into account the individual needs of schools and educational institutions. The trial schools for the platform will be hand picked to allow us to learn about its advantages and weak points in different environments, says Ilkka Kalo, Director of Basic Education at the City of Vantaa. 

- Our goal is that in collaboration with companies in the sector, we are able to establish the principles by which data is used and the platform is operated in the ecosystem.

Companies providing learning solutions to benefit from the platform

The broad platform brings together data, service providers and users, encourages collaboration between companies and fosters innovation. It offers companies the opportunity to trial solutions with a clearly defined target group and a template that can be easily rescaled and applied at other schools using the platform. 

- This is an excellent opportunity for Finland to promote the platform economy in the education sector and create prerequisites for growth for innovative education and artificial intelligence companies of all sizes. Education export also benefits from the platform solution, as the global market for platform-based learning solutions is expanding, says Piia Moilanen, Chief Advisor at Business Finland.

The sum of 5.4 million euros to the City of Vantaa is the largest single instance of funding granted by Business Finland for innovative public procurements. Business Finland grants funding for innovative public procurements to facilitate purchases in which the public sector engages in development work in close cooperation with companies and opens markets for new solutions.

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Chief Advisor Piia Moilanen
Tel. +358 50 5577 748
piia.moilanen (at)

Director of Basic Education  Ilkka Kalo
Tel. +358 40 707 1115
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