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News 07.01.2019

Finnish skin care is supernatural

Inari products are manufactured in a factory in Finland. The factory has the Finnish Swan Label, Ecocert and European production standard certificates.

Finnish cosmetics and especially skin care has taken leaps forward during the last few years. New premium brands have emerged in the market while established ones continue to develop new products. Important themes for these brands seem to be purity, northern nature and sustainability.

Olivia Klein

The namesake brand Olivia Klein is a Finnish cosmetics series that uses mainly natural and organic ingredients, no perfumes or artificial colours. Olivia Klein made it her goal to simplify the use of cosmetics and enforce the connection between skin care and health.

During the years Olivia Klein had become sensitive and allergic to basically all cosmetics she used. Klein had battled several skin issues and difficulties to the point of becoming fed up with it. In 2014 she decided to do something about it. Klein set a goal; to create an efficient and natural skin care line, which would first and foremost suit those fighting skin issues. The products contain ingredients such as oat extract and organic honey.

At Olivia Klein they strongly believe in simplicity. This means all ingredients must have a purpose. The ingredients they use are pure and sustainably produced, often organic. Olivia Klein is guided by zero waste values, which means everything is recycled and if possible, re-used. All packages are recyclable and non-toxic. The company also fights cosmetics overuse and waste by manufacturing effective, long lasting and multiuse products. Olivia Klein offers loads of information on their website about skin care, for those in need.

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Niki Newd

The Niki Newd story began about 12 years ago when Kirsi Kaukonen told her friend about an old recipe for a facial during their walk in wintery Helsinki. This over a 100 years old recipe had been passed along several generations in Kirsi’s family and was completely based on all natural, food-grade quality ingredients. Her friend, a biochemist tried the facial and fell in love with it, and the ladies decided to update the recipe for a modern skin, for everyone to use. Niki Newd was born.

The women decided in the very beginning that the Niki Newd ingredients should be as fresh as the food they eat. This meant producing nutritious and organic products with no alcohol, preservatives or additives. The idea of skin gourmet was born. Kirsi and her friend wanted to leave the ingredients as unprocessed as possible, which means the products are manufactured by hand in at least 12 batches per year, by order. This is because they want everything to be as fresh as humanly possible, minimizing the products shelf life.

The Niki Newd ingredients are food-grade quality, which means they use edible raw ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil from an Italian organic farmer. In other words the oil used in Niki Newd products could go with your salad as well. Niki Newd also uses a lot of Nordic berry oils that are packed with nutritious vitamins, thanks to the Nordic white nights and freezing winters.

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 Henua Organics

Henua Organics is a premium skincare line containing natural ingredients. Henua was founded in 2017 and the name Henua is old northern dialect meaning wellbeing, enjoyment and happiness. The founder Jenni Tuominen had been working with cosmetics for years when se noticed her skin was reacting to chemicals used in traditional cosmetics. Jenni started paying attention to what her cosmetics actually had in them, and decided to start a line that would have very different ingredients. After a while Jenni’s sister Anu hopped on board as well.

All Henua products are manufactured in Finland. The products don’t contain water or fillers, but loads of plant ingredients such as birch sap, rose water and cornflower water. The products have earned both the Ecocert Organic certificate and the Avainlippu certificate, which is proof of a thoroughly Finnish product.

Jenni and Anu have made an effort to produce natural cosmetics, but sustainability is equally important to them. All products are first packed in glass to eliminate unnecessary use of plastic. The products are then sold in once already recycled cardboard packages. In addition the ingredients used in the products do not harm the body or our beautiful planet.

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Globe Hope Cosmetics by Mia Höytö 

The namesake cosmetics brand Mia Höytö was born out of its founders love for beauty, nature and all things living. It was important for Mia to make her brand natural and respectful of nature and animals. The Mia Höytö brand offers nurturing and efficient products especially for a skin dealing with the difficulties of the Finnish climate. The skin care line is Ecocert certified and launched in 2012.

The Ecocert Organic Cosmetic certificate guarantees paraben and silicone free products that are also free of synthetic perfumes, among others. A minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight come from organic farming. The packages are also recyclable. All Mia Höytö products contain loads of seed oils and vegetable extracts drawn from Finnish nature. The whole line is developed and manufactured in Finland and tested only on humans.

In the summer of 2018 Mia Höytö sold her cosmetics brand to the textile company Globe Hope, which simultaneously updated its concept from just textiles towards a more lifestyle brand, offering sustainable clothes, accessories and now natural cosmetics. Mia Höytö continues to develop the product line. Globe Hope recently started co-operating with the biggest department store chain Isetan in Japan, in the form of a shop-in-shop.

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Supermood is a natural Finnish skincare brand that approaches skincare and wellness holistically. This means physical and emotional wellbeing go hand in hand, which is why Supermood offers not only skincare products but also dietary supplements and even chocolate!

Anne Kukkohovi, who is well known in Finland for her career in fashion and entertainment, founded Supermood in 2014. Anne had been wondering why no one in the beauty industry saw skincare as a holistic process. Anne believes no serum alone can make you beautiful, rather beauty and wellbeing are a combination of sleeping and eating well and living a healthy life.

 The Supermood products are made of natural ingredients. Traditionally skincare products are based on either skin type or age, but Supermood sees is differently. They believe beauty comes from the inside and so they design their products to correspond to a specific emotional state. The Egoboost, Beauty Sleep and Youth Glow products together form a balanced whole, that supports both physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Youth Glow raw chocolate is a new type of product in beauty care. Its effect is based on antioxidants that slow down the ageing process.

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Choice Finland

Choice Finland is a skin care line founded by Maija Aallas when her first child was born about ten years ago. It had always been important to Maija not to burden the body or our planet with unnecessary chemicals, so Maija wanted to create a skin care line that she could stand by. Choice Finland is designed for sensitive skin.

It’s important for Maija that the products are natural. Choice Finland finds strength in Finnish forests, clear waters and nearby production. No ingredients of animal origin are used in the products and the packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Choice Finland has received the Avainlippu certificate and the FI-Natura certificate.

In 2017 Choice Finland experienced a rebranding.  The products were updated to contain even more ingredients from Finnish forests and farms. The products contain birch bark extract, common yarrow extract, rose hip and bilberry, to name a few. Eeva Mela, Design Director at Ratia, created the products’ fresh new look.

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Inari Arctic Beauty

Inari Arctic Beauty is a premium skin care line founded by Finns Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg. Inari has a clear target: to be a non-compromising luxury brand with effective products, and take advantage of the unique power and purity of arctic plants. Inari was launched in 2018 in Finland and Germany. The original idea to start a natural, arctic skin care line struck Sirkku when she visited her childhood home in Northern Finland.

What’s special about the skin care line is the unique anti-ageing mechanism of the active ingredients blend that, according to Inari founders, exists in no other skin care lines in the whole world. The mechanism, called “Arctic Blend” contains six richly nutrient plants that together combat premature ageing and boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. In addition Inari products contain three different molecule sizes of hyaluronic acid, when traditional skin care only contains one. The natural ingredients are mainly hand picked from Finnish Lapland.

Inari products are manufactured in a factory in Finland. The factory has the Finnish Swan Label, Ecocert and European production standard certificates. No micro plastic or synthetic chemicals are used in Inari products. It’s important for Sirkku and Nina that Inari is a sustainable and effective, high quality skin care line that fits all skin types.

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Lumene is a classic loved by Finns since 1970. The roots of the Lumene philosophy are in Finland, where earthiness, originality and carefree beauty have always been appreciated. Lumene has known for a long time how to take advantage of nutritious and caring ingredients that come out of northern nature. It’s the wild northern nature and the effect light has on the berries that create a unique and nutritional bomb for the skin. Lumene is well known and trusted for doing research and product development in skin care. All Lumene skin care products contain a minimum of 80% natural ingredients, some up to 99%. No parabens, mineral oils or phthalates are used and nothing is tested on animals.

The most important ingredient for Lumene is Arctic spring water from Finnish Lapland. The spring water is naturally filtered through sand and gravel layers formed after ice age. The crystal clear spring water used in Lumene products is collected from a hole in the ice. The water has a skin friendly pH value and its uniquely low mineral content ensures a neutral base for active ingredients.

Lumene recently launched the new Arktis skin care line designed to deeply moisturise the skin in varying and extreme weather conditions. The Arktis series gives skin protection against changes in temperature and contains bilberry, oat and rapeseed oils.

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Text: Elina Sarén