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News 07.08.2019

Helsinki offers the best work life balance

Helsinki offers the best work-life balance 2019 according to recent study

Once again Helsinki has gained fame and reputation in international comparisons. Helsinki is ranked 1st in a survey of 40 cities that evaluated how the city manages to support the work-life balance of its residents and improve their quality of life.

The purpose of this comparison was to create a kind of measure of how cities can reduce the stress of their residents and increase their happiness by supporting work-life balance. It was conducted by an international technology company Kisi. The comparison was mainly based on official sources such as OECD, Eurostat, World Bank, UN and national statistics. Non-scientific studies on tourism and well-being were also included.

Best in happiness

Helsinki was best in the happiness section, with full 100 points. Followed by Oslo and Zurich.

In Helsinki and Paris, people enjoy the highest minimum number of paid vacation days - 30 days. The highest number of days off was in the working population in Barcelona: 30.5 days. Residents of San Francisco (9.7), San Diego (9.7), Washington D.C (9.4) and Los Angeles (9.1) had the fewest holidays.

By comparison, Helsinki residents spent an average of only 26 minutes commuting, which is significantly less than, for example, London, Zurich, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Singapore. The average commute time was over 40 minutes, and even more than 50 minutes in Tokyo.

Helsinki was also successful in the area of ​​gender equality. It was ranked the 3rd most equal city after Oslo and Stockholm.

Original article in full published by Helsingin Sanomat. Read the article here (in Finnish)

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