News 05.02.2019

Leanheat received the Asuntomarkkinat Innovation Award

Leanheat's Jukka Aho received award from Business Finland's Ilmari Absetz

Leanheat has won the innovation competition with a solution that improves the energy efficiency of housing and the operating efficiency of district heating companies and contributes to a healthier indoor climate.

The competition was organized for the tenth time, this year with a hot theme – the climate change. This will continue to be a topical theme well into the future due to the fact that construction and buildings play a major role in climate work and new measures are needed to decrease the carbon footprint of the sector.

“Innovations and trials are a key in the development. The Asuntomarkkinat Innovation Award grants visibility to new success stories and does its share to encourage new improvements in the sector,” compliments Senior Construction Adviser Teppo Lehtinen from the Ministry of the Environment. “It is vital that great ideas are put into practice without delay,” Lehtinen continues. “This is why the practical applications and scalability were emphasized when the candidates, many of which were excellent, were evaluated.”

“There is international demand for the solutions by Leanheat and Bionova. Products and services that curb climate change can be used to create new business and export opportunities for Finnish companies,” points out Mika Lautanala, Director at Business Finland.

The Asuntomarkkinat Innovation Award 2019 was granted by Business Finland, Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the KIRA digital project and the Asuntotietokeskus. The guests of the Asuntomarkkinat 2019 (Property Market 2019) event cast the final vote to choose the winner from the three candidates nominated by the jury. 

District heating automation to the world

The Leanheat IoT solution uses artificial intelligence to monitor, control and optimize the temperature and humidity of buildings in the district heating network. The solution improves the energy efficiency of properties and the operating efficiency of district heating companies and contributes towards a healthier indoor climate for residents. The system is automatic and self-learning and it optimizes both single buildings and larger groups of buildings in real-time. Leanheat is installed in approximately 100,000 homes around the world at the moment, and the goal is set at one million homes by 2022.

A quick tool for the evaluation of environmental effects

The One Click LCA software, developed by Bionova Inc., is a tool for making life cycle assessments and environmental effects analysis of building projects and products in an easy and fast manner – even in less than an hour. The software utilizes the building’s data model as well as other materials, such as the data of cost calculations that are converted into environmental effects. This Finnish innovation is in use in over 50 countries.

A construction site with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The apartment block building project by VAV in Vantaa, Finland, at the address Kaskelantie 1, is the biggest in Finland and the first in the Metropolitan Helsinki area to meet the new, stricter criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. According to the carbon footprint inspection carried out at the site, the carbon footprint of the Kaskelantie 1 site is 17 per cent smaller compared to similar sites. Attention was paid to zero-emissions and chemical safety in the material selection process. The buildings were completed as a design/build project by NCC Finland for the VAV Asunnot Inc.

Business Finland has provided support for the R&D activities of Leanheat and Bionova as well as NCC Finland which was in charge of the Kaskelantie building project.

More information

Mika Lautanala, Business Finland
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Teppo Lehtinen, Finnish Ministry of the Environment
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Teemu Lehtinen, KIRA Digital project
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Juha Salmi, Suomen Asuntotietokeskus
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