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News 29.01.2019

Mobility changes dramatically – Finland defines the Smart Mobility future

Smart Mobility, the new program from Business Finland helps Finnish companies to benefit from the 6.500 billion euro market and attracts global players in Finland to build ecosystems and join testbeds. The program also published a Challenge Competition at the launch event on Jan 29th.

The different forms of mobility are amidst a thorough global change: digitalization has brought us rapidly scalable service business like car and ride sharing, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and Smart Parking – let alone material logistics. Sea and port logistics will be automated as 5G and satellite technologies evolve.

"The Smart Mobility program aims to benefit from this gigantic change. We offer Finnish companies innovation funding for radically new product and service development, networking and market opportunity services and attract global players to invest in and join testbeds in Finland. The program aims to fund innovation projects with 50 million euros between 2019 and 2022," says Program Manager Ulla Lainio from Business Finland.

From good to the best

The mission for the Smart Mobility program is to catalyze new Finnish success stories by making Finland the best place for R&D, testing and investing in.

"Vessels designed in Finland operate at harsh arctic sea areas, and we are the leading technology provider for arctic maritime industry including autonomous port solutions. Last December we saw the first ever test ride of autonomous and remote controlled ferry. Finnish company MaaS Global is the first in the world to combine numerous forms of mobility, like cars, city bikes, taxis and busses for a monthly fee. Finland is the place to be for future Smart Mobility!"

The Smart Mobility program is targeted e.g. at manufacturing industry, companies utilizing digitalization (MaaS, VR/AR, IoT, Big Data, autonomous, automation, robotics, sensor technology etc.), logistic, port and airport hubs, drone developers and municipalities and cities.

Challenge Competition opens

The Smart Mobility Challenge Competition was published at the program launch event. The Challenge Competition opens on Jan 30th 2019, and it aims to find the most promising Smart Mobility companies and research projects and to network all the relevant players. With the Challenge Competition, Business Finland supports the building of global ecosystems in Finland.

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For more information, please contact

Ulla Lainio
Program Manager, Smart Mobility
+358 40 343 3357
ulla.lainio (at)