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News 06.11.2019

Test your products and services in the real world – join the Finnish social and health care testbeds!

Are you sure that your product works effectively? Do your services meet the needs of real clients? Do you require references or feedback from professionals?

Finland's university hospitals and major cities offer excellent facilities for the real-world testing of social and health care products, services and ideas. If you are interested in working in an authentic environment with social and health care service providers and experts, here's how to get started.

Why use Finnish testbeds?

  • Testing in a real environment gives you clinical evidence, real-life and user experience as well as market feedback at every stage of the development process
  • Understanding real environments from home to hospital is an asset to R&D and sales processes
  • Learnings from real life support brainstorming, design decisions and prototyping
  • Testing and clinical validation is smoother in-house
  • Access to good quality data in an open environment
  • Legislation that supports the secondary use of data in research and innovation
  • Finland has the world's best ecosystems in health research and development
  • Connections and partnerships with experts, patients and infrastructure
  • One-stop shop – a single point of contact to help you
  • Testbeds offer platforms for mutually beneficial education and research collaboration
  • Testbeds provide clear processes and cooperation models

How it works

  • Contact the respective testbed to evaluate the potential for cooperation
  • After the first contact, the project is assessed together with the testbed to ensure that the basic requirements are met (i.e. is the environment suitable for the respective product, does the funding cover the expenses)
  • Detailed joint planning to define the requirements (protocol, timetable, resources, permissions)
  • Signing of the contract, including the terms and costs
  • Execution of the project

Keep this in mind

  • Finding the right match: testbeds and hospitals/cities have unique expertise and varied levels of resourcing; and they choose the companies with the best match
  • Be open to negotiations regarding the timetable, permissions and practicalities
  • Ensure that the funding meets the real costs (coordination, contract, permissions, clinical execution)
  • A testbed is not a sales channel, but a real-life environment for research and testing

Finnish testbeds at your service!

OuluHealth Labs
Testbeds in a university hospital, healthcare centers and homes, simulation labs, 5G network
Timo Alalääkkölä, timo.alalaakkola (at)
Jaana Kokko, jaana.a.kokko (at)
Tiina Tervaskanto-Mäentausta, tiina.tervaskanto-maentausta (at)

HealthHUB Tampere
R&D, simulation, testing and training platform for co-creational purposes operated by Tampere University Hospital RDI Centre
Reijo Itkonen, reijo.itkonen (at)
Kari Salomaa, kari.salomaa (at)

Health Campus Turku
Testbeds and research collaboration for health and food technology, diagnostics and drug development
Janne Lahtiranta, janne.lahtiranta (at)
Tero Piispanen, tero.piispanen (at)
Elina Kontio, elina.kontio (at)

Kuopio Living Lab
Size doesn't matter at the Kuopio Living Lab; research, development and testing services for all companies providing solutions for better well-being
Maarit Kumpulainen, maarit.kumpulainen (at)
Arto Holopainen, arto.holopainen (at)
Petteri Jääskeläinen, petteri.jaaskelainen (at)

HUS Testbed
Helsinki University Hospital, e.g. operating room and New Children's Hospital
Satu Pesola, satu.pesola (at)
Pekka Kahri, pekka.kahri (at)

City of Helsinki
Primary health care, home care and social care
Sanna Hartman, sanna.hartman (at)

ELSA Testbed
South Karelia – out-of-hospital products and services for social and health care
Kaisa Pesonen, kaisa.pesonen (at)

More information

Maarit Lahtonen
Senior Advisor
Ecosystems Funding
maarit.lahtonen (at)

Mika Sievi-Korte
Chief Advisor
Ecosystems, Health and wellbeing
mika.sievi-korte (at)