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News 25.04.2019

Finnish Lapland makes its soundscape available to everyone

The unique and calming atmosphere of Finnish Lapland is offered for the whole world to experience through recordings of the sounds of nature and scenery of Lapland. The first three Sound of Lapland recordings that take listeners to the calming moments of northern nature will be released worldwide on Spotify in late April. To accompany the soundscapes recorded in Lapland at different times of the year, high-quality video material has also been filmed that shows what the nature behind the sounds looks like. These publications are part of a joint summer tourism promotion campaign by the Lapland marketing and communication company House of Lapland and Visit Finland that concretizes the year-round therapeutic and inspiring influence of the nature of Lapland.

The first Sound of Lapland single releases are part of the SCAPES album coming out in the fall that consists of eight seasons and whose purpose is to act as a reminder of the year-round therapeutic effects of the natural environment in Lapland. The first released recordings take listeners on a relaxing midwinter cabin trip to Levi, a berry-picking trip in the woods of Rovaniemi and to experience the soothing soundscape of a mountain brook in Pallas.

“One of the greatest modern-day health hazards is constant noise pollution – something you can fight by quieting down with the natural soundscapes of Lapland. Going out in nature and listening to natural sounds inspires, calms and strengthens us Finns, and with these sounds, we can share at least a part of this experience with those who haven’t yet been to Lapland”, House of Lapland program manager Katariina Imporanta exclaims. “Listening to the sounds of Lapland not only provides a break, takes the listener to another place and helps them to relax; the sounds also act as seeds of creativity that will hopefully sprout into art and interpretations. Sounds of Lapland is meant to spark interest in listeners and draw people to our unique, year-round travel destination.”

Experiences with nature are modern luxuries

The effects of nature on one’s health are undeniable and seeking peace and quiet is a clear trend in tourism. According to studies, even a 15-minute walk in the woods helps to lower stress levels, and concentrating in the quiet of nature is one of the oldest forms of meditation. Since not everyone has the same opportunities to spend time in nature as us Finns, opening up the soundscape of Lapland is another way of providing relief for those suffering from noise pollution.

“Studies prove that the sounds of nature are relaxing and… We’ve also done many tests with picture and sound, and the results have been encouraging,” says research professor Liisa Tyrväinen from Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Enjoy the Sounds of Lapland at home or at work

Besides sound, videos of Lapland have also been recorded from the air and using a 360-degree filming technique that allows listeners to see what the nature behind the soundscape looks like on the In addition to the Sound of Lapland soundscapes available on Spotify, a Lapland Sound Collection sound library of individual sounds of Lapland will also be available to composers, sound designers and anyone else who needs them. The clanging of a reindeer bell, the crackling of a campfire and even the buzzing of mosquitoes are available to be used freely in songs, commercials, content production or consumers’ own home videos. The album and sound library will hopefully provide inspiration on a broader scale – not just for creative work or for fun, but also for listeners’ personal meditation.

“The sounds of Lapland are a very interesting and new kind of way of branding Finland, and with them, we’ll be able to spread awareness of Finland to new target groups via new channels. I believe that the sounds of Lapland could be heard just as easily in an Indian commercial as in Latin pop, as the possibilities of sound are endless. The natural environment of Lapland will still be unique, just more easily accessible. With these sounds, we also want to remind people that Lapland offers a clean and therapeutic nature experience no matter the season,” says Heli Jimenez, responsible for international marketing at Visit Finland.

The Sound of Lapland campaign launches on 24 April, when the first singles from the SCAPES album will be released on Spotify under the artist profile “Sound of Lapland”.


Listen to the Lapland Sound Collection.

For the videos and more information about the releases, visit Sound of Lapland.