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News 21.04.2020

Power-to-X ecosystem taking on new challenges for future energy storage solutions

Photo: Wärtsilä

Business Finland brings Power-to-X actors together, creating a significant innovation and business ecosystem in Finland. Wärtsilä X-Ahead project is a part of this entity and partly funded by Business Finland.

Wärtsilä’s X-Ahead project is just the beginning of a larger Power-to-X ecosystem that will be complemented in the future, supporting the transition towards carbon neutral power systems. As an example, LUT University, Aalto University and Soletair Power Oy have also received Business Finland funding together, as well as VTT together with several other companies.

Under its X-Ahead project, Wärtsilä will form and lead a strong network of universities, research industries, and small and medium-sized enterprises on a national, as well as a global scale. In this project, the Power-to-X solution is to be further developed to a commercially feasible solution. It will remarkably strengthen the international competitiveness and provide new ways for seasonal energy storage in the future.

“Business Finland sees a lot of potential in Wärtsilä's project. We believe it will result in the development of an effective ecosystem around Power-to-X research, which will be enriched with best global practices to produce meaningful national and international benefits and new ways of storing energy”, says Senior Advisor Sini Uuttu.

“Power-to-X entity is probably the most influential theme the Smart Energy Finland program is working with at the moment. Several R&DI projects as well as large ecosystems are in the pipeline. On a global level, the decarbonization of industries and other sectors like transportation is a huge challenge. Power-to-X solutions are seen as key enablers to solve these challenges. For that purpose, extensive cross-sectoral cooperation is needed”, says Program Leader Helena Sarén.

Power-to-X includes a number of electricity conversion, energy storage, and reconversion pathways that use surplus electric power, typically during periods where fluctuating renewable energy generation exceeds load. Power-to-X conversion technologies allow for the decoupling of power from the electricity sector for use in other sectors, such as transport or chemicals.

Wärtsilä’s press release: Wärtsilä X-Ahead project gets government funding to promote carbon-neutral economy

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