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News 03.12.2020

Virtual care management improves the treatment of chronic diseases

The University of Helsinki and various companies in the industry join the ecosystem-based MASSE project, led by Aalto University and funded by Business Finland.

The good care of chronic diseases, such as coronary artery disease or diabetes, consists of several factors. In order for the patient to receive the right treatment at the right time, many things are necessary: appointments, the collection and interpretation of patient data, communication between various specialists, medicine balance monitoring and mental support. If the patient suffers from more than one disease, the need for coordination will further increase.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, 10% of patients use 80% of health care resources. Most of them suffer from one or more chronic diseases — and often encounter problems in accessing or planning care and when communicating with care providers. The purpose of the MASSE project, led by Aalto University, is to create a virtual care management system to correspond to this need in just over two years.

“Modern western health care is designed on the terms of short and intensive treatment periods, not on the terms of those with chronic diseases,” explains Paul Lillrank, Professor of Quality and Service Management at Aalto University. “Virtual care management makes individual health care possible with the efficiency of mass production.”

A virtual care management system combines all the data collected from patients’ care paths onto the same platform. It monitors the development of the patient’s condition based on the data, coordinates treatment appointments and collects feedback from the patient. The platform will be combined with devices, therapies and digital care pathways developed by the partner companies. It benefits actors responsible for organizing services, such as hospital districts, municipalities, insurance companies and occupational health care.

The total budget of the project is approximately EUR 7.3 million. Business Finland’s share is EUR 3.5 million. The project is related to Business Finland’s Smart Life Finland program, the responsibility of which is to speed up the utilization of opportunities created by digitalization in health care and well-being. In addition to funding the project, Business Finland also participates in order to spar the participants. Experts coach and encourage the project group as the project progresses, all the way from preparation to implementation.

Just like other ecosystems funded by Business Finland, MASSE aims for international growth on the global markets and functions as an export platform for various kinds of applications, devices and digital treatments. “MASSE is an excellent example of the kind of innovation ecosystem that Business Finland wants to support. The ecosystem unites various operators from the competence field to propose different ways to solve the challenge. With genuine cooperation, we can create impactful solutions and future export products from Finland, the “little giant” of health care,” explains Program Manager Kari Klossner from Smart Life Finland.

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