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News 09.12.2021

Business Finland is publishing a digital brochure to present Finnish offering to global plastic waste solutions

Plastic – however good its qualities are proved to be, they also are its shortcomings. Due to plastic's rot-resistance and the fact that it does not degrade easily, and especially the explosion of single-use plastics, we are now facing a waste issue as a global mega challenge. Current practices in global plastic waste elimination are environmentally unsatisfactory and more efficient practices are demanded by countries, companies and the public. While it is a challenge, it is also an opportunity. Finnish companies have an extensive knowledge in recycling and reusing plastic waste, as well as replacing the material with a more environmentally friendly one.

Bio & Circular Finland program is now inviting Finnish companies with relevant offering to be featured and promoted in this brochure. This includes both plastic recycling and bio-based solutions companies. Participating gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your field of innovation and expertise to a global audience. The brochure will be used for international promotion by Business Finland’s global network, Team Finland and Finnish Embassies all around the world.

The aim of this material is to raise awareness and interest towards Finnish companies in the industry and promote their products and services globally to everybody involved in the business in the most important markets. For reference, please find here a similar presentation on New Space Economy. Participating is free and does not oblige companies in any future actions.

Interested in featuring on the brochure? Please submit your company’s material by Wednesday 15 Dec 2021. Before submitting the material, please see the instructions. Business Finland has the right to decide the final content of the presentation. The draft will be sent to companies for approval.


Further information

Outi Suomi
Head of Bio & Circular Finland
outi.suomi (at)

Sampo Tukiainen
Network Lead
sampo.tukiainen (at)