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News 17.08.2021

Business Finland kicks off mission work

Janne Järvinen acts as Mission Lead in Increase in productivity through digitalization.

Business Finland´s mission concept is a new future-oriented and dynamic way of working. With our missions, we aim at creating value for the society broadly and finding significant future market opportunities for Finnish companies.

Mission concept is a new way of working for Business Finland. In practice, missions combine long term strategic foresight work with here-and-now solutions and tools for companies looking for new innovations and new markets.

Business Finland´s programmatic work – which has been a standard working procedure for BF since the beginning  – will be closely connected to missions, both the two pilot missions as well as future missions.

“BF missions help speed up systemic change in the societal level, and at the same time provide significant future market opportunities for Finnish companies”, says Senior Director Heli Karjalainen from Business Finland's strategy unit.

First two pilot missions started during the summer. Selected missions are Increase in productivity through digitalization, and Carbon neutrality. Helena Sarén has been appointed as Mission Lead in Carbon neutrality.

“I see carbon neutrality as a historical business opportunity for Finland providing opportunities in all three time-horizons. We need to act extensively on a global level, and Business Finland has a unique position as an opinion leader, catalyzer and enabler”, says Sarén.

Janne Järvinen acts as Mission Lead in Increase in productivity through digitalization.

”We live in a time where digitalization is part of almost all our activity. Many promises of digitalization, however, have not been realized yet. As a long-time follower of digitalization I believe that technology will soon be on an adequate level. Additionally there is an emerging societal mindset that will lead us towards significant reforms. Finland’s chance is to be a forerunner in this development and find those investment targets that will increase our world-wide differentiation”, says Järvinen.

Business Finland's missions are selected from areas that are globally in a state of change. These disruptions provide substantial market opportunities for Finnish companies.

”Mission Leads have the opportunity to create a long term strategic plan, together with our key stakeholders in Finland and globally”, says Karjalainen.

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