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News 10.11.2021

Ensure your competitiveness in the future – funding provided for innovative green ideas

Now open, the funding call for innovative growth companies in accordance with the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland provides funding for research and development activities. If you have an idea in your company’s desk drawer that has international potential and fits the framework of sustainable development, this is the right funding call for you.

What kinds of projects are suitable for this funding call? 

The project or idea to be funded may be at an early stage, still requiring market research and R&D. This funding call is looking for these types of diamonds in the rough that have the potential to change the industry. If you need any help, access our online customer service. 

What is required from the idea and company? 

The idea must be innovative and fulfil the requirement set for the green transition and research activities. In other words, the project may support sustainable development, help to mitigate climate change, or promote the achievement of carbon neutrality goals. In addition, this funding call is only intended for midcap and smaller companies. The company must have a business plan, a sufficiently large team which also has what it takes to engage in international business, and self-financing. 

What is the funding all about, and how much support can be obtained?

The funding is provided as aid under the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), and it does not need to be repaid. However, it cannot be used to cover all project costs; instead, it can account for 40–50% of total realized project costs, depending on the size of the company. 

How to apply for funding? 

Read more about the funding call on its pages, where you can also watch a one-hour funding call webinar.

Start by contacting our customer service using the identifier “RRF innovation aid for growth companies”. Our customer service will then contact you and help you complete an application.

While the funding call will continue until 2023, the sooner you submit your application, the sooner you will receive your funding decision!

 Go to the funding call page