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News 13.09.2021

Funding call for recycling and reuse investments

The call is a part of European Union's Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and The Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland. The programme will boost competitiveness, investment, RDI and measures to raise skill levels. Recovery funding will promote the renewal of industrial structure and the competitive advantage of Finnish companies based on sustainable solutions.

Investment funding will accelerate re-use and recycling

Of the funding to be made available through the European Union's recovery facility, around EUR 150-170 million per year will be granted through Business Finland between 2021 and 2023. The call is planned to include a total of 80 MEUR of funding (10 MEUR in 2021 and 70 MEUR in 2022).

The investment funding will accelerate the re-use and recycling of industrial by-products and waste streams (e.g. bio economy) as well as other key materials (e.g. plastics, textiles, packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, construction and demolition materials).

Information event about the call is on Monday, 20 September at 15.00-16.00., 

What kind of projects can apply for the funding?

The call is aimed for companies making industrial investments or creating piloting and demonstration plants for the reuse of by-products and various materials, and the recycling of waste streams. Companies must be located in Finland.

In this call, Business Finland may take into account the applications for a circular economy investment funding call that ended on 16 April 2021. Applications that were successful in the comparison but were left without funding, and are relevant from the point of view of the current call can be considered. Applicants will be notified of such cases separately.

The funding doesn’t affect de minimis nor the quota of the Commission's temporary aid scheme of EUR 1 800 000.

More information about funding call

Information event about the call is on Monday, 20 September at 15.00-16.00,  

Further information regarding the funding call will be published on Wednesday, 15 September on Business Finland’s website for Sustainable Growth Program.

Find more information about The Sustainable Growth Program for Finland.

Registration for the information event  
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For further information 

Tuomas Lehtinen, Ecosystem Lead, Business Finland
tuomas.lehtinen (at)

Ilmari Absetz, Ecosystem Lead, Business Finland
ilmari.absetz (at)