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News 08.06.2021

New energy audit service for SMEs launched in August

State energy subsidies will be expanded in August 2021 to cover an entirely new type of energy audit for SMEs, parishes and foundations. The new targeted audit to be piloted in 2021–2022 is more free-form than other energy survey models.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Economy of Finland supports voluntary energy audits for small and medium-sized enterprises and municipalities. An entirely new type of targeted audit will be piloted in 2021–2022 with the aim of increasing energy audits among SMEs and accelerating the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Increased flexibility through a more free-form implementation

With the targeted audit to be introduced, a new energy audit method will be piloted that gives more freedom in terms of focusing the audit and reporting the results.

No formal requirements have been set for the content, implementation or reporting of the targeted audit, in contrast to other energy audit models. What is also new is that the survey does not need to cover all energy consumption on the site. Instead, the audit can be focused in accordance with actual needs. For example, a heating system or ventilation can be chosen for the survey, or a specific part of production in industry.

The purpose of the targeted audit is to improve energy efficiency, save energy, increase the use of renewable energy or achieve low-carbon operations. The main goal is to identify and suggest financially profitable and feasible measures.

Through targeted auditys, the aim is to enable and support energy efficiency measures in locations where there is no desire or need to comprehensively explore opportunities to improve energy efficiency by means of traditional audit models.

- The new audit product is more flexible than previous ones, so it will certainly attract the attention of customers and increase the number of audit projects. Basic audits have been very thorough and, therefore, also very arduous. This may have reduced the interest of users in necessary audit work. The new targeted audit is easier to focus and can also be implemented more rapidly and with fewer resources. This is important in our hectic times, says Markku Mäkelä, Product Manager at Business Finland.

Funding up to half the cost of the work

State subsidies for targeted audits are for 40–50% of the acceptable total cost of work. The funding rate is 50% for SMEs, parishes and foundations that have joined energy efficiency agreements. Funding can be applied for electronically through Business Finland from August 16, 2021 onwards. 

Targeted audits can be conducted by energy surveyors authorized by Motiva who have completed the related online training. There is a large number of companies conducting high-quality energy audits in Finland. Customers can choose from these companies. A list of the companies is available on the Motiva website.

Motiva Oy, a state-owned sustainable development company, manages tasks related to the promotion, development and monitoring of energy audits, under an assignment by the Energy Authority, in cooperation with the authorities, customers and energy surveyors.

More information

Motiva: Targeted energy audit (in Finnish only)

Tomi Kiuru, Senior Expert, Motiva Oy
Tel. +358 9 6122 5009, tomi.kiuru (at)

Timo Vihavainen, Senior Engineer, Energy Authority
Tel. +358 29 5050 099, timo.vihavainen (at)

Markku Mäkelä, Product Manager, Business Finland
Tel. +358 50 339 2516, markku.makela (at)