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News 03.11.2021

Updated AI from Finland offering available

Artificial Intelligence from Finland provides global customers an overview on Finland's AI initiatives, top companies, research and education. The updated version introduces new companies and case examples of AI-collaboration.

Finnish AI applications are already used in various industries like manufacturing, health and retail. This offering introduces the Finnish AI scene from governmental initiatives to research focus areas and over 100 top AI companies, and gives a thorough view of Finnish competencies in AI.

"AI from Finland offering is a great tool to find the right Finnish partners for various solutions, to get an overview what is going on here and what Finland has to offer in AI", says Head of AI Business program Outi Keski-Äijö from Business Finland. The offering introduces for instance the LUMI supercomputer, which is fully deployed in March 2022 and enables the use of its resources in company research projects.

This offering is prepared by Business Finland. Interested in being featured in the next edition? Please contact Julia Reponen.

Read Artificial Intelligence from Finland material

Material last updated: 9.2.2022.

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