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News 31.01.2022

Business Finland is publishing a digital brochure to present the Finnish agetech offering

In the next decade the share of the ageing population is increasing rapidly in many parts of the world. Therefore, Business Finland is now publishing a digital brochure to present Finnish strengths in the field of agetech.

We define Agetech as digitally assisted technologies, solutions, products or services that are aimed at and designed to improve the lives or care of the ageing population. The target group can be the individual, homecare providers or operators of assisted living facilities. 

We are now inviting Finnish companies with relevant offering or innovations to be featured in this brochure. In order to be included in the brochure, your offering should be targeted for the international markets. By participating, you will get an excellent opportunity to promote your field of innovation and expertise to a global audience. If you are interested in getting featured in the brochure, please contact Sinianna Kuosmanen for further instructions by Monday 28th February, 2022.

The brochure will present truly innovative Finnish solutions supporting the ageing population. The digital brochure will be used by Business Finland's Global Network in different countries together with the wider Team Finland network of Finnish embassies globally.

Further information

Kari Klossner
kari.klossner (at)

Sinianna Kuosmanen
sinianna.kuosmanen (at)