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News 24.02.2023

Creative content at the forefront of growth

Sustainable Growth Program for Finland will contribute to the renewal of the creative economy. Funding will be allocated in particular to projects that aim to modernize the digital business environment and promote the green transition. The aim is to support and lay the foundations for increasing the RDI intensity of the creative economy and to strengthen cooperation between companies and research organizations.

The call now being launched calls for new and bold start-ups, particularly under the following themes:

1. Creative content as a service

Creative content offered as a new kind of service can come from different industries, such as literature, media, gaming, events, fashion, and music. It is essential that they are subject to significant, commercially scalable opportunities, and that they are also sufficiently based on exploiting digital opportunities as a competitive advantage.

2. Development projects related to the production of audiovisual formats

For this search theme, funding will be allocated to projects that will

  • Implement a prototype of a scalable content concept that will be produced in a new, competitive way.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage, for example, with a new scalable tool or production method.

The innovation funding offered in this call is intended for joint research, development, and innovation projects between individual companies as well as between companies and research organizations.

Application times

1. Joint projects: April 4–September 16, 2022
2. Projects by individual companies: June 1–September 30, 2022

We will be organizing an info session on 12 April, 2022 at 10 am, register to the session (in English).

Read more about the funding

Projects funded in this call through the RRF must be completed by December 2025 at the latest. Read about the Sustainable Growth Program for Finland