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Release 29.09.2017

Finland Brings to Anuga: the Purest Food in Europe & Beverages to Break the Ice

A record number of Finnish producers will be introducing premium products, stemming from the pure and untouched Arctic nature, at the Anuga Fair in Cologne, 7-11 October, 2017. The Food from Finland food and drinks pavilions will be showcasing innovative know-how that serves health-conscious and demanding consumer needs.

Finland celebrates a century of independence in 2017. Amidst all the progress, some things have not changed: respect for clean nature and natural and pure food. According to the European Food Safety Authority, the purest food in Europe comes from Finland.

”Quality, safety and unique flavors are the key elements of Finnish food and beverages,” says Annaleena Soult, Program Manager of Food from Finland export program. “Altogether 17 Finnish companies are bringing an exciting lineup of pure, delicious and innovative products to the world’s largest and leading trade fair of food and beverages.”

Naturally Delicious from Arctic nature

In Finland, the world’s northernmost agriculture produces pure food in extreme conditions.

At Anuga, large Finnish companies and small family-run businesses will be working side by side, showcasing delicious food tastes and representing a cross-section of Finland’s food diversity.

More than 70% of Finland is forest and the air is among the cleanest in the world. Berries and oats especially thrive in the Finnish landscape. The harsh, northern climate with short but intense summers of long days full of sunlight produce crops with high nutritional values and intensive, delicious flavours. The cold winters help kill off bugs and weeds; the food is produced without the quantities of harmful chemicals used in warmer environments.

“We wish to create unforgettable experiences for people interested in the Finnish offering and visiting our pavilion,” Soult states. “In his ‘chef’s theatre’, our Food Ambassador Chef Kim Palhus will be preparing delicacies in a way that brings out the best of the Finnish products, highlights their natural flavors and shows what can be made of them.”

Drinks to Break the Ice

In addition to naturally tasty and safe food, Finland is also the home of premium water products. Finland has 188,000 lakes with water pure enough to drink. Finnish water, declared as the best water in the world by UNESCO, is exported to nearly all continents.

At Anuga, Finnish water exporters together with premium alcohol producers will be giving a taste of their cool Finnish offering. An offering with intense and unique flavors – drinks that break the ice (

Companies at the Food pavilion of Food from Finland

Apetit Ruoka Ltd. – In Finland we know about freezing

Apetit is Finland’s leading brand in frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals.

Our new delicious Apetit vegan and vegetable products; patties, balls and nuggets work for casual healthy eaters, vegetarians and full on vegans. Apetit developed the new vegan products for everyone, who have been expecting easy and tasty plant based foods loaded with protein. Our products are easy to include in your daily meals. Apetit plant based patties, balls and nuggets are high in protein, gluten-free and dairy-free. We also have soy-free products in our selection.

Fazer Bakeries – Makes the world taste good

Fazer Bakery is bringing something new to the table: Fazer Root Veggie bread. People want to focus on well-being, not forgetting taste sensations, and more nutritional ingredients are sought after in bread.  Fazer responds to this trend with its new root vegetable bread where more than one third of the flour is replaced with root vegetables and beans. The secret of its taste lies in sourdough and share vegetables - sourness and natural sweetness make a perfect taste sensation.

The Fazer Root Vegetable bread is available in two different taste variations: Red Beet & Carrot and Parsnip & Carrot. It is high in fibre and suitable for vegetarian/vegan, Lactose-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free.

Glutzero Finland – GlutØ is the delicious FREE FROM -fresh pasta brand that fits everyone and every diet.

GlutØ is the delicious FREE FROM -fresh pasta brand that fits everyone and every diet. Our pasta is both vegan and gluten-free and is made using nothing but naturally gluten-free ingredients: corn flour, rice flour and water. No additives, colorants, dairy or eggs are added.

GlutØ fresh pasta has all the characteristics of traditional pasta. With our unique and innovative production techniques, we have managed to create gluten-free fresh pasta with essential al dente bite and mouthfeel.

In fall 2017 we are launching a new range of Free From GlutØ –frozen ready meals! The ready-meals have all the characteristics of the original GlutØ –fresh pasta and are both vegan & gluten-free and have no additives or colorants.

Laihian Mallas Ltd – Have a sweet day with rye

Laihian Mallas introduces Anuga visitors rye innovations in forms of a Sweet malt bread and Sweet malt snack that is based on a traditional Finnish Easter delicacy made of Rye Malt.

With the TUOPPI Malt drink  (“small beer” for home brewing),  Laihian Mallas responds  to the great demand for gluten free products and interest in low-alcoholic beverages.

Leader Foods Ltd. – The Best for you

You don’t have to be a vegan to love our new Vegeway products as they are suitable for anyone who values healthy, nutritious food and wish to boost their protein intake naturally. Vegeway is all-vegan, plant-based protein family of snack bars and powders that are as good for you as they taste. There is absolutely nothing artificial, only nutrient dense goodies.

Dream protein bars are made with real bites of nuts and crisps, filled with home-made cookies, and creamy toffee, and with protein. This bar is more than just refueling energy and protein stock. This bar is like a dream - Premium nutrition with maximum taste. (


A Helsinki based Nordiclif debuts with its premium organic Birch Sap Drink - Lif in Anuga 2017. Inspired by the Finnish wilderness, Lif birch sap offers a delicate woody taste of Nordic nature with tender notes of real wild berries and herbs, such as: Cranberry, Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Lemon Balm and Sea Buckthorn Leaves.

In Scandinavia enjoying nutrient rich birch sap has long traditions. Birch sap contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, amino acids and proteins, whilst very little sodium and no added sugars. The purest air, soil and water in the world, Finland’s northern location as well as the light summer nights makes Lif a premium quality drink. The product design has brought Lif a nomination at 2017 Pentawards, a competition that recognize excellence in creative packaging worldwide.

OATLAWS – Illegally Good Oats from Finland

Our mission is to help you to keep in balance in everyday life with our revolutionary oat products.

We push the boundaries of breakfasts, snacks, workouts, and recovery. From rush hours to endurance races, red-eye wake-ups to twinkling recovery boosts we serve you outstanding

Pirjon Pakari Seinäjoki – Free from G - Made in Finland

Pirjon Pakari bakery is specialized in gluten free products. We bake all our Free from G products in Finland. The whole product family is additive-free, GMO-free and 100% naturally gluten-free without containing oatmeal.

Our Free from G sourdough dry bread range has a naturally high fiber content and is suitable for individuals having milk allergies, lactose intolerance and individuals following a vegan diet. The bread is produced using a sourdough starter technology, developed by Pirjon Pakari, and the sourdough, grown in pure culture, is prepared in a closed and hygienic leaven processor in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 22 000 quality standard.

Raisio Nutrition – Sustainable growth from innovations

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands as well as an active developer of sustainable food chain.

Raisio is known for its innovations, of which cholesterol-lowering Benecol is one good example and Benemilk, with its ability to increase milk yield and improve contents of milk, another. Moreover, Raisio was the first company in the world to use water and carbon footprint labels on consumer products.

Riitan Herkku Oy – Original products from nature's raw-materials

Riitan Herkku is a Finnish family-owned food manufacturer. Our flagship product is a traditional Finnish fresh cheese called “leipäjuusto”. We also produce mozzarella cheese, fresh pizza, pancakes and bakery products as well as various beverages from natural Finnish forest berries.

Riitan Herkku is dedicated to producing high-quality products from pure ingredients. (

Nordqvist Ltd. – Nordqvist teas add a taste of Finnish magic to your day.

Nordqvist is a remarkable Finnish tea house since 1979! Every tea tells a story and Nordqvist has some of the best.

Nordqvist adds a touch of magic to make fabulous Finnish teas. We combine the purest Nordic ingredients with quality teas creating an innovative range of unique tastes. Our tea makes that special moment, so join our partners Paddington Bear and the Moomins and experience adventurous Nordqvist blends perfected during almost 40 years. The Nordqvist Tea House sells the highest quality teas produced in a FSSC 22000 certified factory.

Companies at the Drinks pavilion of Food from Finland

Alberga Brewing Co. – Discoverer of the Royal Sparkling Beer, lost in the depths of the Baltic Sea for 180 years

Alberga Brewing Co. brings Perle du Poséidon, an authentic replica of one of the world’s oldest preserved beers, to Anuga. The Royal Sparkling Beer, as it is defined, was lost in the depths of the Baltic Sea for 180 years, found and revived with the support of 21st century scientific research.

Perle du Poséidon is a spontaneously fermented sparkling beer, using a unique composition of malt, wheat and microorganisms not normally found in beers today. With champagne-like soft bubbles and almost none of the typical bitterness or hops aroma the drink, closer to wine than to beer, serves as an elegant aperitif or as an excellent companion to seafood, asparagus, as well as baked desserts especially, apple tart.


VEEN is deeply rooted in rural Arctic Circle of Finnish Lapland. Lapland enjoys a pollution free, uninhabited nature and serves us the best ingredients for our products in the world. To match the exquisite water that VEEN is, we created the classic VEEN Wave 66 bottle. Both our water and the design of our bottle have been widely awarded and recognized

VEEN's Spring Waters is unspoiled by nitrate with 0 mg per litre. The unusual smoothness, coming from extremely low mineral content, separates VEEN's Spring Water from Lapland from the rest.

Nordic Mixers: It is only natural to use our pure water as a base to mix in drinks. We went to the forest, wandered and handpicked some great ingredients to create a range of craft mixers that reflect the purity and unique flavours of the Nordics.

Mallaskoski – Born out of darkness -Welcome to the dark side of brewing

In 1921, inspired by the rural and dark Northern nature, the founder of Mallaskoski started brewing in a dreary washhouse. Even today, the murky Mallaskoski beers are man-made, without additives, using the same traditional yeast and the world’s most pure water while the thundering falls grumble in the background.

Black IPA The black coloring and enchanting hop aroma are an interpretation, inspired by the dark North, of the much-appreciated American Black IPA style.
Black Imperial Rye A tribute to rye, which has fed the Finnish people for centuries. A strong, dark top fermented beer with 4 months fermentation time and ample hops.
Rainy Summer Wheat Lager. In addition to barley malt, wheat malt is used with juicy mosaic hops to produce the backbone to our crispy summer beer.

Hartwall – The world’s first gin cocktail in a can and other beverage specialties from Finland

Established in 1836, Hartwall is the Finnish beverage industry pioneer with a range of waters, alcoholic beverages, beers and ciders.

Hartwall Original® Long Drink is a refreshing blend of premium gin and grapefruit – the world's first gin cocktail in a can, developed for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952.
Lapin Kulta is a full malt beer made with pale Pilsner malt from Finnish brewing barley. Late hopping at the end of boiling by specific hop varieties create big hop aroma and flavor.
Upcider is a cider made out of fermented apple or pear juice with the fresh and inimitable taste and the uplifting quality for you to enjoy.
Novelle Plus wellness waters are enhanced to boost your wellbeing with relevant vitamins and minerals and offer a moment of enjoyment through excellent taste.

Finn Spring Ltd. – Bringing award-winning SPRING AQUA Premium spring waters to ANUGA

The SPRING AQUA Premium spring waters - sourced from a natural source in the middle of the cleanest environment in Finland. The low mineral content makes the taste extremely fresh. SPRING AQUA Premium is a combination of highest quality spring water and timeless Scandinavian bottle design. An elegant design bottle brings a touch of luxury to celebrations as well as everyday life.

The quality of the SPRING waters have received significant international recognition by the jury of the Superior Taste Award in 2017 and 2016.

Sinebrychoff - The oldest brewery in the Nordics

The oldest brewery in the Nordics, and the oldest foodstuff company in Finland, Sinebrychoff began its brewing in 1819. At Anuga we are proud to present Karhu and Battery drinks.

Karhu (in Finnish), meaning bear, is an age-old symbol of strength and mystical power. Most beloved beer in Finland, Karhu Premium Lager, is refreshing and tasty. Karhu is brewed with the finest barley malt from the beautiful farm fields of Finland and untouched and pure water from Lake Päijänne, perfect for brewing a premium lager.
Battery Energy Drink, pioneers the energy drink category with multi-functional performance and natural energy, to meet the new global consumer trends.

Where to find us

Welcome to meet us at:
Food from Finland Food pavilion: Anuga Fine Food Hall 10.2 Stand I-059G /I-051G
Food from Finland Drinks pavilion: Anuga Drinks Hall 7.1 Stand G-069

Just visit us or contact us beforehand to schedule an appointment during the event.
You find us also at Facebook/nomfinland and in Twitter @FoodFromFinland #nomfinland.

Welcome & Willkommen!

Images ( of Food from Finland products at Anuga 2017.

More information:

Annaleena Soult, Manager, Food from Finland, Finpro,, +358 40 343 3447

Kati Kilpinen, Senior Specialist, Marketing & Communications, Finpro,, +358 40 343 3469

Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Finpro comprises Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Finpro is a public sector operator with 240 experts serving in 37 export centres in 31 countries and 6 regional offices in Finland.

Food from Finland is a Finpro managed export program presenting Finnish food and drink industry and its high quality and naturally delicious products. The program is financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The program is executed together with the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL) and most importantly, private companies in the Finnish food sector.